Reclaiming Your Inner Child

with Alyssa Martin, Heal Your Life® Instructor & Life Coach

Sunday July 21st 9:30am to noon
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     On the path of life, we carry with us patterns of Being that were established in our early childhood.
We formed habits of behavior and thinking in response to messages we were told to believe as children by our family, teachers, and religion… Some positive, some not so much! The positive messages we received as kids show up as the areas in our lives where we flourish. Awesome! However, many of us are becoming aware that the negativity we absorbed as kids is now preventing us from living life to its fullest.
     How do we know if we’re being impacted by a negative message we absorbed as a child? If we struggle with boundaries, anxiety, or find ourselves feeling disempowered by others at work or at home; If we feel out of touch with ourselves, or experience re-occurring physical symptoms such as pain or fatigue; OR If we have an overall sense of struggle
  • Reclaiming Your Inner Child helps you to recognize and release limiting thoughts, and reconnect to the *spark* within you!
  • You will leave feeling a deep connection to your Authentic Self, and a rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.
  • This workshop is conducted in a non-judgmental, safe and supportive environment. You are welcome to BE WHO YOU ARE.
This Workshop includes:  
  • Guided Meditation
  • Free Journal
  • Working with Power Statements
  • Art-therapy Activity
  • Tip Sheets and Take-aways