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Yoga and Meditation Classes

Yoga at Airmid Wellness can help to improve your health and well-being. Physical, mental and emotional benefits include a deep state of relaxation, improved sleep, weight loss, lowered blood pressure, reduction of stress, back and arthritis pain. Feel the healing and embracing environment the moment you enter Airmid and you’ll enjoy personal attention in our small and inviting classes.

Gentle and Restorative Yoga with Andreia Rio

This class is for those who are looking to renew and restore their body, mind and energy.

We start class by centering and mindfully exploring the breath; building on a gentle sequence of postures to balance the body and mind. Then we transition effortlessly to restorative postures which help to bring balance and a sense of well-being. We always finish with deep relaxation; leaving us feeling renewed and restored.  
Andie’s approach to the practice is delicate, respectful and sensitive; as a Reiki practitioner as she brings special attention to each student. This class is a great way to start your day or transition from a hectic day into a tranquil and restful evening.
Thursdays 6pm and Fridays 9:30am. All levels are welcome. Class is 75 minutes and limited to 10 students.

Restorative Yoga with Elizabeth Jones

     Start your day with Restorative Yoga

We begin our practice with centering and chanting which warms up the body; followed by a short, quiet meditation to steady the mind and focus our attention on being present. Next we are guided into gentle poses and then several longer held postures (supported with props as needed). Following the sequence in this manner helps to calm the nervous system and release deeply held tension as well as replenish low or depleted energy. 
We finish-up with a reclined deep relaxation to integrate the many benefits of our practice; including release of muscle tension and stress and restored vitality.
With this practice your body, mind and emotions are refreshed and energized with a sense of joy and well-being to help you meet and embrace life more fully and meet the challenges of the day.
Wednesdays 10am. All levels are welcome. Class is 75 minutes and limited to 10 students

Meditation with Cindy Miller

Meditation helps to quiet the mind, relieve stress and heal on an emotional and physical level

Starting in a seated position with breathwork and centering to help relax every part of your body and mind. Then lying down, we do a guided visual meditation. We close in a seated position coming back into the moment quieting the mind and body. This class brings awareness of acceptance, self-love and gratitude. You will leave feeling peaceful, grounded and calm. Wear loose comfortable clothing.
Thursdays 7:15pm. Open to all, from beginner to advanced. Class is 75 minutes and limited to 14 students.

Healing Yoga with Cindy Miller

  Many of us struggle with some sort of uncomfortable habit or behavior

…whether relatively minor or a deeper, more challenging level such as alcohol, drug addiction, compulsive overeating, co-dependency and sex addiction. Whether you’re in recovery or still struggling with the compulsive behavior, this class will help with empowerment and centering mental, emotional and physical balancing.
Incorporating the 12-step theme, the physical poses help to detoxify, stretch and strengthen the body, as well as teach respect for the messages the body is sending. Movements are modified to accommodate your changing abilities as you regain your health and strength.
Benefits include enhancing your ability to listen to inner guidance, appreciate what is good right now, and empowering and uplifting inner dialogue. Allowing you to be open to this moment, without needing to change it, act on it, or run away from it; we explore a variety of physical postures, breathing methods, meditations and Chakra balancing to create balance in the body, mind and spirit.
The session concludes with Savasana (final relaxation) which will enable you to consciously relax, actively release tension and let go at will. 
All personal challenges and yoga levels are welcome including beginners.
Thursdays 4:30pm. All levels are welcome. Class is 60 minutes and limited to 14 students.

Gentle Yoga with Relaxation Meditation with Cindy Miller

Class starts with centering and grounding to connect to the present moment.
Slowly with soft subtle movements, we gently move through poses with mindfulness and awareness of our breath. Finishing with a relaxing meditation and visualization, this class will relax you at every level, help to reduce tension and anxiety and leave you refreshed and awakened to start your day.  You will effortlessly feel more centered and grounded all day long.
Saturdays 10:45am. All levels and beginners welcome. 75 minutes. Class is limited to 14 students

Kids and Family Yoga with Jen Leary

Yoga improves behavioral issues for all children including those with learning disorders and has also been shown to improve the lives of children with autism spectrum disorders. Yoga is a tool empowering the child to self-regulate emotions and achieve calm in an overstimulating world.

Yoga for Ages 4-11

Children of this age love to role-play and pretend, so this yoga class lets them be who they are. This class is high energy and fast paced to keep them focused and moving. Helps develop motor skills, ability to socialize and develop a greater self-reliance and empathy.
Mondays 5pm, 60 Minutes. Class is limited to 10 students.

Family Yoga for ages 3 and up

This is a great way for families to bond, be active and calm together and work on strength, flexibility and teamwork.
Class is held one Saturday a month. 8:30am 60 minutes.  Check our schedule for the next class.

Chair Yoga with Patti Tuberty

Yoga is for everyone, even if you have limited mobility,
unable to sit on the ground or have trouble getting up.

There is no need to miss out on the benefits of yoga just because you may have restrictions. Chair yoga offers people of all ages and abilities all of the benefits of traditional yoga in a chair.

Mondays 11:00am All levels Welcome. Limited to 14 students.