Self Care Workshops

Learn Self-Massage

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Online | Sunday, April 24
10:30am to 11:45am
Fee $25

Learn simple, very effective techniques to address the tightness in our common stress areas like the neck/shoulders and the lower back and hips to decrease pain and increase mobility and range of motion and release tightness and stagnation from our bodies. Juli Eckmeier, Nature Enthusiast, Musician and Yoga Instructor.

This was such a great workshop! I feel so wonderful after, and Juli taught me so much! She explained how and why we were doing everything, the anatomy behind it all. I would love to do this more regularly! She said there is so much more to do with the body, and I can’t wait.

Brain Longevity® for Prevention and Reversal of Cognitive Decline

Brain Health, Cognitive, Andi Rio, Brain, Reverse Cognitive Decline

Online | Coming Soon
Fee $25

This workshop is focused on healthy aging and Alzheimer’s prevention based on the practical research applications of yoga, meditation, and spirituality for reversal of cognitive decline and highlighting scientific data and lifestyle changes through 4 Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention®: Nutrition, Stress Management, Physical and Mental Exercise, and Psychospiritual Wellbeing. Andie Rio, Certified Brain Longevity Specialist, Yoga, and Meditation Instructor.

Restorative Yoga / Reiki with Lindsay

reiki, Restorative Yoga, Lindsay Gallagher

In-Studio | Coming Soon
Fee $25

Stretch, Rest and Rejuvenate with Restorative Yoga while you are gently guided into each restorative pose. Experience an option for hands-on specific parts of the body to deliver the tranquil healing Reiki energy.
Lindsay Gallagher, Masters Level Clinician, Certified Reiki Practitioner; dually certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and continues to study and attend trainings centered on Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Yoga Psychology.

Learn 7 Keys to Manage Stress & Feel More Joy in Your Life

#StressRelief #Anxiety#Happiness#AirmidWellness

Online | Coming Soon

During this unprecedented time, we are all dealing with high levels of stress and uncertainty especially as we’re adjusting to this pandemic era.  Chronic stress and uncertainty can lead to high levels of anxiety, increased mood issues, pain and discomfort in the body, the onset of physical illness, and increased difficulty in our relationships.  You are not alone.  We’ll be exploring 7 key areas that can help you support your life and the lives of those you love to feel better on all levels.

Awaken Your Divine Force Through Chakras

Online | Coming Soon

A powerful way to balance the Hormonal System as we open our chakras for greater energy, relaxation and creativity. Learn about Chakras through: Food, Movement, Gem Stones, Relaxation and Meditation. No experience needed. Susan Cohen, Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor, Chef. Follow up workshops focus in greater depth on individual chakras.

Food and Healing: You Are What You Eat!

food & Healing, #health

Coming Soon-Learn More

Seasonal Equinox Celebration

Online | Coming Soon

Learn to support your body/mind connection as we celebrate the change of seasons. Embrace the Equinox with * Yogic Movements * Ayurvedic practices * Discover your dosha and create rituals that support it. with Susan Cohen

Learn Techniques to Manage Anxiety

Online | Four Saturdays Coming Soon

Learn coping skills and interpersonal techniques to handle life’s difficulties and support personal growth, acceptance of difficult experiences, and appreciation of positive occurrences. Learn how to deal with negative thoughts, integrate positive coping skills, process anxiety, and foster a sense of management over your emotions and feel capable of taking on each day. Julia Korenoski, MA, NCC Masters Level Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Psychology doctoral student.

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