Self Care Tips & Tools Workshops

Self-care means caring for yourself to ensure your physical and emotional needs are met.


What is Self-Care?

Self-care involves conscious participation in activities that promote healthy functioning and enhance your well-being and quality of life. Engaging in a self-care routine has been proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and loneliness, reduce stress, increase happiness, and much more. It can help you adapt to changes, build strong relationships, and recover from setbacks more quickly.

What are the Types of Workshops?

These Self-Care workshops are designed to teach you techniques to help you make positive changes in your life. Try our other WorkshopsFood & Healing, Self Care, and Support Groups. Learn More by clicking on italics.

Or our Wellness Services, such as Reiki, Acupuncture Therapy, and Massage. Learn More by clicking on italics.

Upcoming Workshops

Unless otherwise noted all Workshops take place in Airmid Wellness Studio at 1260 Old York Road.

Self-Care Healing Workshop

Heal, Relax, and Prosper

with Samantha Levin
Sunday, Dec. 10, 4p-5:30p   Cost: $35
Self Care Healing Workshop

Relax and pamper yourself with Self-love. Enjoy Restorative yoga, meditation, lots of fun and laughs, and techniques to radiate and feel amazing from the inside out. You will leave feeling relaxed and centered, and have a newfound sense of inner peace.

Samantha Levine Picture

Samantha Levine has been teaching yoga for six years. She cares deeply about all of her students and helps them to improve their overall health and wellness goals! 


Restorative Yoga Sound Bath

Relax & Unwind 

with Carol Gardner
First Fridays from 7p-8p     Cost: $35

A SOUND BATH is a deeply restorative listening experience that uses the sounds of crystal bowls to bring gentle yet powerful restorative, nurturing changes to mind and body. This workshop combines restful, Restorative Yoga poses using supportive bolsters, blankets, and eye pillows, inviting even deeper, subtler shifts in consciousness, self-awareness, and inquiry. You will LOVE this workshop. Space is limited to 13 students, so please reserve your spot today!

DATES: 12/8, 1/5, 2/2, 3/1, 4/5, 5/3

#Sugar Blues, #Sugar Craving, #Susan Cohen

Carol’s classes range from gentle flow, beginner to intermediate levels, with modifications and challenges for all to explore. Swimming, reading, long walks in nature, and getting in touch with her spirituality are outside interests that Carol enjoys. At Airmid, Carol teaches Vinyasa Flow yoga in our studio.


 Neck, Back & Spine Pain Relief 

Find Relief

with Jen Leary
Friday, January 12th, 7p-8:30p Cost: $35


Back pain

This workshop is part gentle/ restorative yoga and part therapeutic exercises meant to strengthen problem areas to decrease pain. It is designed to help people with neck, back, and spine pain-related issues.

Some ailments this workshop will help with are aches and pains that come with aging and overuse–even over-exercising. It can also help relieve disc herniations & degeneration, osteoporosis, inflammatory back pain, degenerative spine disorders, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and muscle spasms. 

We will use a blanket, yoga blocks, a strap, a tennis ball, and a bolster. All materials will be provided in the studio. 

You do not need any yoga experience to take part. You will be guided through all the poses with verbal adjustments and teacher assistance. If you are suffering, come to this workshop, and you will be thankful you did. A handout will be provided with all the poses you did so you can do them at home afterward.

Jen Leary

Jen is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Educator. Jen has suffered from cervical and lumbar herniation since childhood and knows the pain associated with neck, spine, and back issues. She has been managing her pain with many poses you will do during this workshop.

Read Jen’s Blogs

Learn more about Jen

Want to schedule a private lesson with Jen? Email her at jen.leary.airmid@gmail.com



Past Workshops

New Dates Coming

Meditation for Beginners

Learn, Practice & Relax

with Jesse Morton
Cost: $35
Meditation blog

Have you ever thought about meditation but weren’t sure where to begin? You’re not alone! While the benefits of meditation are vast, so is the amount of information available about how/where to start. We want to help you sort it out! In this workshop, we’ll guide you through a few meditation techniques you can use in your daily life as soon as you leave. We’ll sample a variety of strategies, including body scans, visualizations, mantras/affirmations, and breath awareness. We’ll keep what we learn short, simple, and easy to use. We’ll also try different things, as you never know what might resonate with you. If you are new to meditation and are curious about what it might be able to add to your life, join us for this informative and relaxing evening.

Jessica Morton Circle

Jesse has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. She has worked in therapeutic settings, health clubs, schools, and nonprofits. She is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance (RYT-200). Jesse has also attended specialized training on teaching yoga to children, to those dealing with eating disorders and/or addiction, and on teaching with a trauma-informed lens. Jesse also has a master’s (MPH) in health education and behavioral science.


Stress Relief for Busy People 

Self Care for people who don’t have time

with Kathleen Megahan
Cost: $30
Stress Relief for Busy People

We have all learned to live in chaos and become comfortable with feeling exhausted and overworked. While you like the idea of taking time for yourself, there aren’t enough hours in the day. Whatever your excuse, you’re never too busy for self-care!

Starting something new or adding something to your schedule may feel overwhelming, but self-care does not need to be time-consuming. Learning to squeeze self-care into your life may lead to less stress, more patience, and a clearer focus. Proper downtime can help alleviate stress and anxiety. In this workshop, Kathleen Megahan will show you ways to practice self-care when you can barely spare a minute. In this workshop, you will learn strategies that take minimal time and can make a big difference in your mood and well-being, sleep hygiene, desk destress, mindfulness, and yoga movements to do in minimal space. If you start small, it’s possible, and the rewards for your life and modeling for the next generation are limitless.

Kathleen Megahan

Kathleen blends her passion for teaching and yoga to create a holistic and transformative experience for her students. As a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher, she guides individuals on a journey of mindfulness and inner peace. She is certified in Mindfulness, Chair Yoga, Kids Yoga, and several Parent Education Programs.


Seasonal Self Care

Grounding Transitions

with Juli Eckmeier
In Studio & Virtual I TBD
Cost: $40


Seasonal Self Care: Fall

Not only do temperatures drop, but plant life slows down, and so do we. The body doesn’t always deal with change smoothly, so help maintain your health and well-being by preparing it for the change in season. 

This workshop uniquely blends therapeutic practices for the body and mind. We will practice self-care as we transition from the summer to the fall season, using Ayurveda to base our movements and actions around the seasonal changes, as well as techniques used to calm muscles through self-massage and myofascial release, ending with a musical meditation to allow the whole body to melt away anything that needs to be released. No experience is required.

Juli Eckmeier

Juli strongly believes that yoga benefits every age, body, and mind and loves the chance to spread her enthusiasm on the subject! She is an artist, musician, nature enthusiast, and “mother of chaos,” having four children and many animals at home! You will find Juli teaching Gentle and Chair Yoga. Look out for her pop-up classes and workshops.

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🌞✈️💗Vision Board Workshop 🎨🥰🌳

Envision Your Perfect Life

Cost: $35

Vision Board

How can we manifest the things we want in our life? If time & money were removed from the equation, what would you be doing? Putting your dreams on a vision board is a powerful way to manifest your dreams & desires. Even the big dreams …the ones that scare you, they’re so awesome …stage performances, starting new businesses, vacationing in faraway lands!

Jack Canfield says, “Because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation-by representing your goals with pictures and images-you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions …and your emotions are the vibrational energy that activates the Law of Attraction.”

All supplies for the vision board will be provided.

Vision Board Google Review
Alyssa Martin

Alyssa Martin. Intuitive Life Coach with a unique perspective, A Usui Reiki Master, Teen Self-Empowerment and Vocal Coach, and a Certified Louise Hay Program Facilitator.

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Hooping for Inner Strength 

Movements that tone, detoxify & relax

with Lindsay Gallagher
In Studio I New Dates TBD
Cost: $20
Hooping for Inner Strength

Hooping for inner strength gives you a full body workout incorporating dynamic, calorie-burning movement with traditional yoga stretches, restorative and detoxifying breath practices, inspirational language, and meditation prompts that relax your mind and bring you into the present moment. This class is appropriate for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Lindsay Gallagher

Lindsay has over 15 years of experience in the field of psychology. Lindsay completed a 200 hour-Yoga Teacher Training Certification and is dually certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.


Greatness through Regulation Workshop

Deepen Body Awareness, Relaxation, Flexibility, Strength, and Resilience

with Mike Thomas
In Studio | New Dates Coming Soon


Anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, loss of focus, low motivation or energy, poor digestion, tight and/or painful muscles, emotional ups and downs, defensive/aggressive behavior in relationships, and even autoimmune conditions…what do all these have in common? A dysregulated nervous system. This leaves the mind and body in a survival state that leaves the body open to all these experiences. How can you change this?

Join Mike Thomas, who has over 20 years of experience working with groups and individuals to optimize their wellness and quality of relationships through mindful movement and habit optimization, in his new workshop: Greatness through Regulation.

This workshop runs for 6 weeks, each session 2 hours long. You will learn alignment principles; nervous system regulation techniques to deepen awareness; how to reduce stress; how to utilize the breath, and improve your overall quality of life.

This will be accomplished through a medley of mindful movements such as Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®️), Tai Chi, breathwork, Yoga, and various fitness exercises.  This allows the body to deepen awareness, relaxation, flexibility, strength, and resilience—supporting the capacity to learn, grow, develop competence and mastery, and direct your bodily state with more choice and intentionality.

After this 6 week workshop, you will be able to incorporate many of the practices you learned into your everyday.

For information, contact Mike Thomas at holisticfitnesslifestyle@gmail.com. Or visit his website.

Mike Thomas, the “Everyday Consciousness Coach,” has over 20 years of experience working with groups and individuals to optimize their wellness and quality of relationships through mindful movement and habit optimization.

Learn more about Mike


🔴🟣🔵Journey into the Chakras🟢🟡🟠

Promote Healing & Well-Being

with Susan Cohen
In Studio I  New Dates TBD
Cost: $40
Journey into the Chakras Workshop

Join Susan Cohen for this informative introductory journey into the seven chakras. In this journey, you will understand the balance created in the body through chakra alignment, which will put you on the path toward healing.

The seven chakras are considered the main energy points in your body, which run down the spine. Chakra (cakra in Sanskrit) means “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being. Each of these seven chakras has a corresponding number, name, color, specific area of the spine from the sacrum to the crown of the head, and health focus.

Susan will explain the colors and theories behind each chakra; use meditation; and music with fun, fluid, and easy dance and movements to stimulate each chakra and to gain balance within your body by unblocking these energy points, which will prompt healing and overall well-being in your body.

Bring your favorite colored stone or scarf and a notebook and pen to take notes and encourage yourself to bring this practice into your daily life. You will receive a Chakras Chart to use at home.

Susan Cohen

Susan Cohen is a Certified Natural Foods Chef/Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach, and bodyworker. She has studied and taught throughout the US for over 15 years. Her style of yoga focuses on flexibility and strength, with relaxation and breath to complete a session. At Airmid, Susan offers a variety of workshops.


Brain Health Yoga and Support

Learn to manage your neurological symptoms

with Christine Lawrence
Virtual | New Dates Coming Soon
Cost: $35

Did you know that the brain and nervous system are continuously regenerating? 

Brain Health Yoga and Support focuses on the neuroplasticity of your brain. Similar to muscles, regions of your brain become larger and stronger the more they are used. So practicing yoga with this in mind can help you manage your neurological symptoms and make you more aware of the brain-body connection.

Christine Lawrence is a yoga therapist, life coach, and clinical practitioner.

Learn more about Christine


Love Yourself in the Healing Process

Understand Your Body’s Unconscious Reactions

with Christine Lawrence
Virtual | New Dates Coming Soon
Cost: $35

Is your body trying to tell you something, but you can’t figure out what it is? 

The Love Yourself in the Healing Process workshop can help decode these signals. This workshop will help you to identify problematic situations in your body, listen to what your body is signaling, and create a connection between your mind and body. As a result, you will begin to understand your unconscious reactions and how they impact your mental and emotional well-being and your physical body.

Join Christine Lawrence, certified yoga therapist and instructor, voice actor, speaker/educator, life coach, and M. A. trauma specialist, virtually for this healing workshop.

Christine Lawrence is a yoga therapist, life coach, and clinical practitioner. 

Learn more about Christine