Girl Teen Empowerment

3rd Thursdays at 7p
with Lindsay Gallagher

Entering the teen years can be overwhelming for girls. The Teen Girl Empowerment circle is meant to enhance young girls’ self-esteem, build positive peer connections, create body positivity, and imbue self-empowerment. The circle will allow girls to share stories, find creative outlets, and use movement and art to assist teens in becoming creators of their own emotional and social success. Help your teen girl feel supported through this challenging time and provide a safe and nurturing space for self-discovery.  For girls ages 13-17




Reduce Anxiety and Stress Through Art for Kids (Ages 7-11)

Kid Anxiety, Child Anxiety, Stress, Art Therapy

In Studio | Watch for Upcoming Dates

Is your child struggling with fear and anxiety of stress with returning to the school environment after a year of isolation, social, performance, perfectionism, peer and pandemic? Each week we’ll focus on a different stressor and how to heal and be resilient using different art modalities and movement. Your child will learn new art skills as tools for journaling to release their stressors and leave with four pieces of artwork to hang to remind them of their strength and resiliency of over-coming struggles. Anne Johnson, MA, ATR. Masters Level Clinician Supporting Individuals and Family Art Therapist



Classroom Yoga & Meditation for Educators

Online & In Studio |
Coming Soon

Have you ever felt the desire to give your classroom a timeout? When your students seem to be losing focus, anxious for a test or need to find some movement; yoga and meditation can be the answer. Learn simple poses and breathing exercises to guide your class when you or they need that moment of peace, or to help them find focus, harmony and clarity. We’ll finish with a simple guided meditation that can be used with children, teens or young adults in any classroom setting. Jen Leary, Yoga Instructor and College Professor

Special Needs Yoga for Kids

Online & In Studio |
Coming Soon

Does your child have special needs? Would you like to incorporate mindfulness, body awareness and low impact exercise to their lives? This class offers a creative, easy to follow class structure accessible for all skill levels and disabilities. Age ranges from elementary school to young adults are welcome. Parents are welcome to watch or join in to encourage participation. Options for using a chair are offered to those who have difficulty getting up and down off the floor or who have other considerations. Jen Leary, Certified Yoga Instructor and Educator who uses her experience of teaching special needs kids one on one and in group settings; as well as incorporating the same techniques she uses with her child with Autism and ADHD. Handouts will be provided

Mindfulness Tools for Parents with Special Needs Children

Online & In Studio |
Coming Soon

Do you need help teaching self-soothing techniques to your child? Breathing, body awareness, and low-impact exercise can be extremely beneficial and easy to add to their daily life. Learn breathing techniques you can teach to your child (and even use yourself!), self-touch/massage, and simple poses that can be done in a chair, at a table or desk, or on the floor depending on the situation. This class is hands-on, so the child can participate as much or as little as they are comfortable, or not at all. These techniques can be used for any age ranging from preschool to adults Jen Leary, Certified Yoga Instructor and Educator, Special needs kids Instructor and mother of a child with Autism and ADHD. Handouts will be provided. It is highly suggested that you pair this class with Special Needs Yoga for Kids Series