Women's Empowerment Classes

Women’s empowerment is a critical aspect of achieving gender equality.


Women’s Empowerment can be defined as a process by which women gain power and control over their own lives and choices. It is key to economic growth, political stability, and social transformation. Women’s empowerment is essential for human rights and it concerns all areas of life including Education, Health, Work, Economics, and Politics. Airmid Wellness feels it is important to support women’s empowerment in the Bucks and Montgomery County communities.

Monthly Women’s Circle

with Juniper Smith

Every 3rd Tuesday, 6-7p

Cost: FREE


Monthly Women's Circle

Each month we will hold a nonjudgmental space for women to come together to empower each other with work on self-care, emotional healing, confidence building, manifesting, and mindfulness, all while fulfilling the need for community.

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time. A women’s circle creates a sacred bond between women in a safe, deeply nourishing, and nurturing space. Women’s circles cater to all ages and backgrounds. Women who attend a circle are encouraged to explore and connect to their inner world and the
sisterhood of women in the group. A women’s circle is a time of bonding, sharing, and rest; it can be very mentally and physically healing for women.

This class is offered free to the community. Whether you are an active member of the Airmid Wellness community, want to check out our studio, or are part of the local community, you are welcome to join our space and create connections with like souls.

No need to register; just show up! Our circle will be held outside weather permitting. 


Sarah Smith

Juniper always found herself in two places, out in nature and deep into her imagination. She felt constantly pulled into places outdoors or within her mind that felt like “home.” She now realizes that she is home and has created an energy of safety through awareness and memories. This place comes from knowledge that far surpasses physical reality. Juniper utilizes nature to better her life and the lives of all beings in all places. Sarah wants to help other women who struggle with hormonal dysregulation, or intuitive blocks. She aims to facilitate profound healing in others through Integrated Energy Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy, Reiki, Herbalism, and mindfulness. 

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