Our Instructors

Our instructors teach daily yoga and meditation classes, workshops, and wellness workshops for businesses and groups. 


Meet our Instructors

Carol Gardner, Our Instructors

Carol Gardner

Carol’s classes range from gentle flow, beginner to intermediate levels, with modifications and challenges for all to explore. Swimming, reading, long walks in nature, and getting in touch with her spirituality are outside interests that Carol enjoys. At Airmid, Carol teaches Calming Flow Yoga in our studio. BOOK NOW



Seth Otto, Our Instructors

Seth Otto

Seth was introduced to yoga at a young age by his mom and has been drawn to yoga since childhood. That interest grew into a passion that led him to obtain his 200-hour teaching certification from Dana Hot Yoga. He was taught a Vinyasa flow but has cultivated a class with a strong focus on alignment. At Airmid, Seth teaches Slow Flow Gentle Yoga, and Restorative Yoga, both virtual and in our studio. BOOK NOW

Juli Eckmeier

Juli Eckmeier

Juli strongly believes that yoga benefits every age, body, and mind and loves the chance to spread her enthusiasm on the subject! She is an artist, musician, nature enthusiast, and mother of four. You will find Juli teaching Very Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga. BOOK NOW

Nancy Boland

Nancy Boland

Nancy Boland is a lifestyle Medicine coach, health and well-being coach, speaker/ writer, yoga/meditation teacher, thai bodywork pracitioner, Reiki Master specializing in the Chakras, and breathwork practitioner. She works with people of all ages and backgrounds from teens to older adults and has worked in behavioral health for over 10 years and is uniquely qualified to guide and empower clients to release energetic and emotional blockages. Nancy helps reveal anxieties, stress, trauma, and negative belief systems so that they can be replaced by positive attributes with a grounded sense of self. At Airmid, you will find Nancy teaching Slow Flow Gentle Yoga and Yoga for Recovery. BOOK NOW

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Jen Leary, Yoga Instructor

Jen Leary

No matter the challenges life throws at us, we can use our experience to build strength and resilience. Jen firmly believes this is true for everyone, and her goal is to help all she encounters learn to use life’s challenges to better themselves!  She is a certified 200 hr Yoga Instructor, YogaKids instructor, Chair Yoga Instructor, and Yin Yoga Instructor. Jen uses her experience of over twenty years of teaching all levels of learners in her yoga and meditation classes, workshops, and as Wellness Director. She has been practicing yoga as a student for 20 years and brings this long love affair with yoga and mindfulness into her teaching style. At Airmid, Jen teaches Virtual Wake Up Yoga and Virtual Yin Yoga in our studio. BOOK NOW

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Gail Rowan

Gail Rowan

Gail has been happily practicing for about 20 years. She is a special education teacher in the Northern Burlington School District in New Jersey and is currently teaching sixth grade. However, she has taught preschool up until the eighth grade. Gail coached for Girls on the Run and coordinated and instructed her school’s Arts and Crafts club for two years. She is a proud cat mom and professional aunt to her niece and two nephews. During quarantine, she started practicing outside and noticed the immediate mental and physical benefits, which she had not been aware of before, even though she had moderate experience with yoga. When she is not at school, she enjoys traveling, reading, music, and of course, learning and practicing yoga. At Airmid, Carol teaches Kids Yoga in our studio. BOOK NOW

Sarah Smith

Juniper Smith

Sarah always found herself in two places, out in nature and deep into her imagination. She felt constantly pulled into places outdoors or within her mind that felt like “home.” Now, she realizes that she is home and has created an energy of safety through awareness and memories. This place comes from knowledge that far surpasses physical reality. Sarah utilizes nature to better her life and the lives of all beings in all places and wants to help other women who struggle with hormonal dysregulation, or intuitive blocks. She aims to facilitate profound healing in others through Integrated Energy Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy, Reiki, Herbalism, and mindfulness. At Airmid, Juniper runs our monthly Women’s Circle and various workshops. BOOK NOW

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Jessica Morton Circle

Jessica Morton

Jesse has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. She has worked in therapeutic settings, health clubs, schools, and nonprofits. A graduate of the Prancing Peacock yoga 200-hour teacher training program and a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance (RYT-200), Jesse has also attended specialized training on teaching yoga to children, to those dealing with eating disorders and/or addiction, and on teaching with a trauma-informed lens. Jesse also has a master’s (MPH) in health education and behavioral science. Ever on a quest to inspire others to heal, and to live healthier and more fulfilling lives, Jesse is currently studying to complete her RYT-500 certification and become a yoga therapist. At Airmid, Jesse teaches Calming Flow Yoga. BOOK NOW

Alyssa Martin, Our Instructors

Alyssa Martin

Alyssa is an Intuitive Life Coach with a unique perspective. Deep within you lies a place where all the answers exist to any question or problem in your life, and will help you access the place within you that KNOWS the answers. At Airmid, Alyssa offers various Workshops both virtually and in our studio. LEARN MORE

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Samantha Levine Picture

Samantha Levine

Samantha Levine has been teaching yoga for six years and has taught a range of classes including Vinyasa, Restorative, Hot Power Yoga, as well as Mommy and Me yoga classes for children!  She cares deeply about all of her students and helps them to improve their overall health and wellness goals! 

 Aside from teaching, she loves spending time and laughing with her family and friends.  If she could be anywhere in the world, she’d be at the beach, swimming in the ocean!  And, she loves to sing! At Airmid, Samantha offers various Workshops both virtually and in our studio. LEARN MORE

#Lindsay Gallagher #Children's Therapy, #Special Needs Therapy#Reiki

Lindsay Gallagher

Lindsay has over 15 years of experience in the field of psychology. ​Her primary goal is to build and nurture the therapeutic relationship, which she believes is an integral piece in uncovering the resources necessary to bring about one’s desired growth. In a safe and supportive environment, Lindsay will offer guidance in gaining insight, recognizing feelings, and achieving self-acceptance and self-actualization. Lindsay completed a 200 hour-Yoga Teacher Training Certification and is dually certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. At Airmid, Lindsay guides our Tween and Teen Empowerment Circles.

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#CADC #Substance Abuse Counselor #Dance Movement Therapist

Francine Zickl

Francine has worked for 33 years as a Dance Movement Therapist and substance abuse counselor with children with autism teaching gross motor skills using the modality of dance. She believes that all can experience emotional release and receive closure and relief from old wounds. Her goal is to support clients through whatever life challenges they are experiencing. At Airmid, Francine teaches Dance Movement.

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Kathleen Megahan

Kathleen Megahan

Kathleen blends her passion for teaching and yoga to create a holistic and transformative experience for her students. As a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher, she guides individuals on a journey of mindfulness and inner peace. She is certified in Mindfulness, Chair Yoga, Kids Yoga, and several Parent Education Programs.

In addition to her background in yoga, Kathleen is an experienced elementary school teacher, college professor, and administrator. Her background in education allows her to understand the unique needs of her students and tailor her yoga classes accordingly. By combining her roles as an educator and a yoga teacher, Kathleen has developed a teaching style that fosters mindfulness, breathing techniques, and grounding practices, helping her students cultivate a sense of calm and balance.

Susan Cohen, Yoga, Natural Foods, Wellness

Susan Cohen

Susan Cohen is a Certified Natural Foods Chef/Instructor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach, and bodyworker. She has studied and taught throughout the US for over 15 years. Her style of yoga focuses on flexibility and strength, with relaxation and breath to complete a session. At Airmid, Susan offers a variety of workshops. LEARN MORE
Kristin Tomlinson

Kristin Tomlinson

Kristin Tomlinson is a Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Coach, and Certified Big Leap Coach specializing in helping women transform their lives and health through menopause and beyond. She has a 500-hour Clinical Nutrition certification and is trained in a variety of holistic and integral coaching styles. Kristin is a practitioner for Dr. Wendy Warner, an acknowledged expert in Integrative Functional Medicine. She’s been practicing and teaching yoga for over two decades and is a wife, mom, and lifelong learner.   

Lise Marshall

Lise Marshall

Lise leads a heart felt practice for students in styles ranging from vinyasa to restorative and yoga nidrah. She was certified RYT 500 in 2013 at True Nature School of Yoga in Oceanside, CA. She aspires to always be a student of the practice and is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom her teachers have shared with her. Lise applies ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way. Her hope is that students leave class feeling nurtured as well as armed with tools for navigating life off the mat. 

Aubrey Conley

Aubrey Conley

Serving humanity has led Aubrey down many different avenues in her life and professional career. She loves seeing humans heart happy. 
Aubrey is a Certified Life Coach, yoga instructor and dance studio owner. Aubrey works with clients to help them unlock your mind/body/soul connection and bring them in unity. Discovering how to harness the power of your authentic self to achieve your life goals and overcome obstacles. Aubrey also holds a reiki master certification, is a published author, medical advocate and Momma of two. 

Naila Francis

Susan Cohen

Naila Francis is a certified grief coach and death midwife, who’s also completed psychotherapist and soul activist Francis Weller’s Grief Ritual Leadership Training. She is also a founding member of Salt Trails, a Philadelphia collective making grief public and visible through community rituals, and the co-host of Breathing Wind, a podcast about journeying introspectively through grief.

Juniper Smith

Juniper Smith

Kristin Tomlinson is a Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Coach, and Certified Big Leap Coach specializing in helping women transform their lives and health through menopause and beyond. She has a 500-hour Clinical Nutrition certification and is trained in a variety of holistic and integral coaching styles. Kristin is a practitioner for Dr. Wendy Warner, an acknowledged expert in Integrative Functional Medicine. She’s been practicing and teaching yoga for over two decades and is a wife, mom, and lifelong learner.   

Eileen Yard

Eileen’s passion for health, fitness, and helping others led her to a lifelong career of dedication to supporting individuals in their endeavors. As a health club manager, teacher, fitness instructor, personal trainer, public speaker, and CEU presenter Eileen has always maintained the same purpose.  This purpose is to create and maintain an environment conducive to enhancing health, wellness, and lifestyle. To educate and train individuals pursuing a higher quality of physical, emotional, intellectual, or social life for themselves by providing them with guidance, direction, and support.