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Alyssa Martin, Intuitive Life Coach

Alyssa Martin is an Intuitive Life Coach with a unique perspective. Deep within you lies a place where all the answers exist to any question or problem in your life, and Alyssa will help you access the place within you that KNOWS the answers. Alyssa is also a Usui Reiki Master teacher, Teen Self-Empowerment and Vocal Coach and a Certified Louise Hay Program Facilitator. Empowerment Class for Women with Alyssa…Learn More

Nancy Cooke, RYT500, YACEP, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist, Usui Reiki Master, yoga therapy, trauma, anxiety, yoga

Nancy Cooke, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist & Professional TIYT Clinical Facilitator

Nancy has been specializing in yoga therapy for mental health since 2012 and traditional yoga studies since 2013.

Nancy was drawn to dive deeper into yoga after experiencing the profound shifts a regular practice offered her physical and mental health. She started practicing yoga regularly while studying psychology in college and wasted no time after graduation to start studying the therapeutic applications of yoga. Since 2011, Nancy has received 1500+ hours of training in yoga therapy and traditional yoga studies. She is currently pursuing accreditation as a Professional Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapy.

Nancy uses an integrative model of yoga therapy to deliver therapeutic and student-centered experiences with her classes, workshops, and private sessions. She believes each person’s journey to wellness is unique and strives to personalize her teaching to meet each student just where they are.

Since 2011, Nancy has received 1500+ hours of training in yoga therapy and traditional yoga studies. She is currently pursuing accreditation as a Professional Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapy.

Nancy uses an integrative model of yoga therapy to deliver therapeutic and student-centered experiences with her classes, workshops, and private sessions. She believes each person’s journey to wellness is unique and strives to personalize her teaching to meet each student just where they are.


Ann Cilberto, Self Esteem, Women's Class

Ann Cilberto, Author, Speaker

Ann T. Ciliberto is a Self Esteem Coach, Author of Self Esteem Express, and Director of Empowerment Programs whose enthusiasm for life and joy is contagious to all who know her. Women’s Self-Esteem Class with Ann… Learn More

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Sheri DeMaris, MA, Chef, Author

Sheri-Lynn DeMaris is a Natural Food Chef/Educator who has taught people of all ages, throughout the world the importance of cooking and eating well. Sheri DeMaris, M. Ed., is a macrobiotic teacher and cookbook author who has taught at restaurants and cooking schools throughout the United States and Europe. She has consulted with chefs at top-rated restaurants, including the Ritz Carlton and the Williamsburg Inn, and has shared her knowledge with medical professionals at cutting-edge medical/health programs including the University of California San Diego School of Integrative Medicine and Hahnemann University. Sheri is a Level 4 graduate of the Kushi Institute. She is the author of the book Macro Magic for Kids and Parents and is the host of an alternative health television cooking show Macro Magic. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the College of William and Mary in Virginia and completed post-graduate studies in counseling from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Sheri is presently a consultant for the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise where she is responsible for soliciting the best quality food and home health products from natural food companies. “Tea with Sheri” Class…Learn More…

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Angelique Santana, Chef. Coach. Author. Speaker. 

Chef Angelique Santana is a Chef | Coach | Author | Speaker – Angelique is the owner and founder of Eat With Angelique, the small business launched with a singular mission in mind – to guide people toward a healthy lifestyle starting, but not ending, with the food they eat. Angelique is a published author of “Food Is Love”…a book filled with delicious, vegan recipes and the tale of Angelique’s journey of self discovery and transformation., a motivational speaker, a health coach, and, of course, a chef. “Eat with Angelique” Class…Learn More…

danielle fishman, TRE, Airmid Wellness

Danielle Ivins-Fishman

Integrative Coach, Hypnotherapist, Emotional and Social Educator, Certified TRE® Provider and a Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)Provider. Integrative Coaching with Danielle…Learn More…

Mike Thomas, Brain Health, TRE, Tai Chi

Mike Thomas

​Certified Brain Health Coach, Integrative ‘Everyday Consciousness’ Coach, NSCA-CPT, Certified TRE® Provider, T’ai Chi, Mindfulness Instructor and a Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Provider. Brain Health Coaching wirh Mike…Learn More

Katie Idell, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Counselor, Talk Therapy, Gestalt

Katie Idell

Katie was first drawn to yoga and meditation in 2007 when she found teachers who invited her to take a self-compassionate stance, and this felt revolutionary! She has been walking the path of building self-awareness and self-compassion since then. Katie teaches yoga with a gentle, restorative, and mindful approach, with the intention to let the body and mind slow down and find more stability, space, and ease. She assists students in bringing compassionate awareness to thoughts, feelings, and sensations that might arise when we slow down and make space. Katie also teaches mindfulness meditation classes, which focus on bringing awareness and grounding to the breath and body. Katie was certified as a vinyasa yoga teacher in 2011 at Yogawood in Collingswood, NJ, and trained as a restorative yoga teacher in 2011 through Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia.  Katie is also a psychotherapist, and she brings a trauma-informed lens to her teaching.

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Andie Rio

Andreia’s yoga journey began when she was 18 years old. Since then, she has been practicing asanas, pranayamas and meditation in different countries until today. After she completed her 200 hour Teaching Training Program at Yogasphere and is registered with Yoga Alliance, she puts her passion toward Gentle and Restorative Yoga. Her approach to the practice is delicate, respectful and, sensitive as a Reiki practitioner which translates in special attention to each student.” As a car accident survivor, I do believe in the healing power of yoga, balancing body, mind and, uplifting people”

Seth Otto

Seth was introduced at a young age to yoga by his mother and has been drawn to yoga since childhood. That interest grew to a passion that lead to him obtaining his 200-hour teaching certification from Dana Hot Yoga. He was taught a Vinyasa flow, but has cultivated a class that is rooted in the breath with a strong focus on alignment. His classes are Vinyasa based and are welcoming to everyone. His primary focus for his students is to help you to accept where your body is today and to remain with your breath. Come check out one of his classes if you are looking to improve your body’s alignment, become more in sync with your breath and relax the mind.

Juli Eckmeier

Juli has intuitively involved yoga in her various jobs teaching children music and movement before completing her 200 hr. certification with an extra 50 hr. emphasis on Ayurveda. She got her 45 hr. children’s yoga certification in NYC, then trained in anatomy and myofascial release before completing a chair yoga certification and is currently working toward her 500 hr. certification.
She strongly believes that yoga is beneficial for every age, body and mind and loves the chance to spread her enthusiasm on the subject! She is an artist, musician, nature enthusiast and “mother of chaos”, having four children and lots of animals at home!

Carol Gardner

Carol’s yogic journey began more than 20 years ago and has grown into a true passion. While she is a Registered Yoga Alliance RYT-200 and certified YogaKids and Kidding Around teacher, she still considers herself a student at heart, as there is always something more to learn from yoga. Yoga and meditation have taught her how to be humble, grateful and mindful as well as connected to the spirit that lies within.
She has learned that yoga is a process which allows one to experience life with a conscious awareness, growing and manifesting along the way. Yoga has given her the tools to meet life on life’s terms and focus on the present moment. Carol loves to be creative and has a true compassion for people.
Carol’s classes range from gentle flow, beginner to intermediate levels with modifications and challenges for all to explore. Swimming, reading, long walks in nature and getting in touch with her spirituality, are outside interests that Carol enjoys.

Cindy Miller

After more than 10 years as a personal trainer, Pilates and fitness instructor, Cindy was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and was forced to take a giant exhale. It was then that she took her first yoga class and immediately fell in love with the mind, body and spiritual component of the yoga practice. She became certified as a yoga teacher through AFFA in 2006 and wanted to continue on this journey, knowing she had found her path. She then completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yoga Vibhuti in 2012. Also graduating advanced 300-hour yoga teacher training in 2016 from Yogasphere and 500 RYT certified. Cindy is a Reiki Master Teacher and a wellness advocate for Do Terra Essential Oils. “I teach out of a deep love and respect for a practice that has wildly and wonderfully enhanced my life. The yoga life is a constant reminder of self-love, acceptance, empowerment and the joy of community. The Divine Light that resides within me honors and respects the Divine Light within you. Keep on shining!”

Caris Stepnowski

Caris has been practicing yoga since 2013 and received her 200-hour yoga certification in 2017. Since then she’s taught various modalities of yoga including hot vinyasa flow, trauma-informed yoga for recovery, and most recently became certified to teach Aerial Yoga and Yin-Restore Aerial Yoga. She is currently participating in a 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training to obtain her RYT-500 yoga alliance certification.


Jen Leary, Kids Yoga, Airmid Wellness, Spectrum, Shining Youth Yoga

Jen Leary

Jen received her 200 Hr Yoga Alliance Certification in 2017 from Yogasphere. She also received a 24 Hr YogaKids certification in 2017. She has been practicing yoga as a student for 16 years, and brings this long love affair with yoga into her teaching style. Her children have also been a great influence on her style of teaching children. Her athletic teenage daughter has stress the importance of balancing stretch and breath with a vigorous sport schedule. Her autistic son has taught her unlimited patience and the benefits of a grounding practice for an energetic youth as well as the importance of the breath in the ability to gain focus in challenging situations.