TRE® Class
Tension & Trauma Release Exercises 

With Mike Thomas and Danielle Ivins-Fishman

Reduce stress and anxiety and increase flexibility and balance

TRE,Tension, C-PTSD, Trauma, Stress Relief. Feel Alive. PTSDTRE® safely activates the body’s natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension and held stress and trauma, calming down the nervous system. In a safe and controlled environment, a guided series of simple exercises and stretches is used to activate the body’s muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism. This process encourages the body’s natural reflex mechanism to return back to a state of balance and harmony.

TRE ® is helpful for letting go of symptoms of PTSD and other stress related issues. Benefits include: reducing symptoms of PTSD & C-PTSD, less worry and anxiety, more energy, increased flexibility, improved relationships, better sleep, reduced muscle tension and back pain, greater emotional resiliency and accelerated healing of old injuries.

TRE® is a recommended class within the Brain Health Protocol.

As the graph below illustrates, a balanced nervous system allows for a life of health, wellness, connected relationships, and joy. Often, we unconsciously hold stress in the body and the symptoms of Fight/Flight or Freeze/Collapse arise in the many forms and more listed above. TRE®️ facilitates a state that allows the body to naturally “come back down” from this stress, and into balance again.

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