Therapeutic Assisted Stretching

To Restore Mobility and Flexibility, Decrease Pain and Postural Stressor

With Gloria Thul, CSC, CST, LPTA

Therapeutic Stretching benefits EVERYONE, especially those with Chronic Postural Stresses or any of these conditions:

  • Forward head posture from looking at a computer or cell phone causing tight neck, upper back pain, tense shoulders and neck stiffness.
  • Sedentary lifestyle and seated posture from desk jobs and driving; causing low back pain, hip pain, tightness and sciatica.
  • Physical jobs and laborers whose muscles suffer from wear and tear that can cause tightness and harmful compensating postures.
  • Active lifestyles that cause soreness from overactivity and overuse of muscles.
  • Golfers, dancers, skaters, gymnasts, students of martial arts and any athlete who needs help with flexibility and joint range of motion enhancement
  • Seniors and anyone looking to improve mobility and trying to slow the aging process.
Therapeutic Stretching sessions are performed by a Certified Stretch Therapist while you are fully clothed; lying on a massage table or sitting on a chair. The therapist moves your body into stretched positions to break up fascia spasms and lengthen the muscles beyond their normal resting length to gain flexibility and decrease pain and tightness.

Therapeutic Stretching enhances everyday daily activities by decreasing pain and joint stiffness, reducing stress from injury and improving circulation, flexibility, joint range of motion and energy levels while freeing up tight muscles and spasms so you can have deeper massages and increased flexibility and mobility for yoga and working out.

Therapeutic Assisted Stretching

Therapeutic Stretching Does So Much More Than Just Treat Pain!

Gloria Thul – CSC, CST, LPTA

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Available by appointment

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Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Stretch & Mobility Coach Certification, Stretch Method Training Program, Certified Stretching & Flexibility Therapist, Certified Stretching Instructor ASAF (American Sports and Fitness Association) & The Stretching Institute. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Stretching & Trigger Point & Myofascial Release.

30 min Intro Session $35.00
30 min Session $50.00
4 visits (30 mins) $175.00
8 visits (30 mins) $370.00

50 min Session $85.00
4 visits (50 mins) $315.00
8 visits (50 mins) $650.00

Clients Say

“My back and hips feel looser and my low back pain has improved” … Paul M

“My neck and shoulders feel more relaxed and my neck stiffness is gone” … Katie C.