Thai Bodywork

Thai Bodywork aims to restore the balance of the body’s energy system and is energizing and relaxing. 


What is Thai Bodywork?

A central belief of Thai bodywork is that life-energy flows throughout our bodies. Life energy flows through energy lines connecting all major organs of the body. The theory is that stress, bad posture, physical injuries, and other perturbations in the modern-day world block these energy lines and cause an unhealthy balance of mind and body. The goal of the Thai bodywork therapist is to release this stagnant energy. To do this, Nancy applies pressure to the energy lines and stretches the body topped off with Reiki for a lasting effect. 

What to Expect?

 The client rests on a comfortable floor mat and wears light clothing. No oils or lotions are used but sometimes an all-natural balm is used to relax the muscles. 

Nancy uses her feet and palms of hands to relieve muscle tension which promotes deep relaxation, helps improve flexibility which can help prevent everyday injuries and enhance sports performance.

What are the Benefits?

PAIN RELIEFIt is common for migraines and various body aches to have “melted away” through Thai bodywork. In recent studies, bodywork was more effective than acupuncture or spinal modification, especially for persistent upper and lower back pain. 

REDUCE STRESSWhile Thai bodywork may be more vigorous than other Western forms of massage, many people find it, paradoxically, to have a deeply relaxing effect. Thai bodywork helps to release endorphins that calm the nervous system and produce a feeling of well-being.

FLEXIBILITYOne of the most significant benefits of Thai bodywork is its ability to improve flexibility. Thai bodywork involves stretching and deep tissue techniques that allow for renewed flexibility. Greater flexibility can help prevent everyday injuries and enhance sports performance.

CIRCULATIONThai bodywork is excellent for increasing blood flow to sore, stiff joints and muscles. Studies have shown that improved circulation results in lower blood pressure and improved body function. This promotes healing and pain relief.

Cost: $95/hr

Thai bodywork
Nancy Boland

Nancy Boland

Nancy Boland is a lifestyle Medicine coach, health and well-being coach, speaker/ writer, yoga/meditation teacher, Reiki Master specializing in the Chakras, and breathwork practitioner. She works with people of all ages and backgrounds from teens to older adults. Nancy received an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Exercise Science. Nancy has worked in behavioral health for over 10 years and is uniquely qualified to guide and empower clients to release energetic and emotional blockages. She helps reveal anxieties, stress, trauma, and negative belief systems so that they can be replaced by positive attributes with a grounded sense of self. Her goal is to meet each client where they are to lead their best life.