Support Groups

A group of people led by a professional come together with a goal of overcoming or coping with a shared problem.


How Can Support Groups Help? 

Support groups make you feel less lonely, isolated, or judged by others who understand your situation. They can reduce your distress, depression, anxiety, or fatigue by sharing your feelings and emotions. Attending support groups improve your skills to cope with challenges and stay motivated to follow your treatment plans. They give you a sense of empowerment, control, or hope by learning from others’ experiences and successes. Lastly, support groups provide you with helpful information and resources about your condition or problem.

Some Medical plans may cover the cost of your participation, check with your insurance carrier. Questions? Contact Jen Leary at 215-293-0744, ext 2 or jenleary@airmidwellness.com

Upcoming Support Groups

Unless otherwise noted all Workshops take place in Airmid Wellness Studio at 1260 Old York Road.

6-Week Navigating Grief Support Group

With Naila Francis, Grief Coach, Death Doula, Interfaith Minister

When: TBD   Place: Studio   Cost: $150

The group offers:

  • Space to honor your true feelings and experience of grief
  • Practices to nurture more compassion for yourself
  • Insights about what grief is and isn’t and how it shows up in your body
  • Frameworks to approach grief with less fear, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Meditation/guided visualization/embodied practices to meet what you’re carrying with gentle curiosity and care
  • Invitations to explore joy and beauty as forms of grief care
  • Guidance on how the natural world can support you while grieving
  • Space to feel less alone and isolated by grieving in community

By the end of your support group session, you will come away with:

  • Tools and practices to tend to your grief
  • Deeper connection to yourself
  • Greater grace and compassion for the parts of yourself you hold in judgment and shame
  • Ritual ideas to honor your grief
  • The freedom to grieve at your own pace
  • A more expansive understanding of grief
  • A deeper capacity to hold your grief and navigate the unknown
  • A sense of belonging and connection to our collective humanity
Naila Francis

Naila Francis is a certified grief coach and death midwife, who’s also completed psychotherapist and soul activist Francis Weller’s Grief Ritual Leadership Training. She is also a founding member of Salt Trails, a Philadelphia collective making grief public and visible through community rituals, and the co-host of Breathing Wind, a podcast about journeying introspectively through grief.

Naila’s own initiation into grief began with the death of a father figure, followed the very next year by the death of her dad and the year after by the end of a romantic partnership. As she journeyed through the wilderness of grief, she saw how feared, mistrusted, and criticized this very human experience was, leading many to suppress or deny their feelings given society’s dictates to “move on” and “get over it.” She believes grievers deserve to go at their own pace however long it takes, and that with validation, nurturing, and practices to help tend their grief, they can ultimately re-engage with life from a more compassionate, fortified, and authentic place.

This group will be a gentle, non-judgmental space to explore concepts and frameworks around grief while building a grief toolkit and finding a connection to other grievers by witnessing each other’s stories and experiences. All griefs are welcome.


Past Support Groups

New Dates Coming

8-Week Virtual Coping with Divorce Support Group

With Jane Daniels, a Licensed Professional Counselor Specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy

When: Next Session TBD, Mondays from 7p-8p   Place: Zoom   Cost: $150

The group offers:

  • How to recognize and address common emotional challenges
  • Healthy coping mechanisms and strategies for stress management
  • Self-care practices for emotional healing
  • Emotional impact – coping with grief and loss with a partner, dealing with loneliness & isolation
  • Relationships w/ Family & Friends
  • Dealing with a Narcissistic Spouse, Infidelity, Addiction
  • Personal Growth & Transformation (dating when & how, rebuilding self-esteem & confidence)
  • Professional resources – legal, financial, and custody-related
  • Help with co-parenting issues (drop-off and pick-up issues, time sharing, unexpected expenses)

By the end of your support group session, you will come away with:

  • an empowered sense of self, improved self-esteem, and a clearer path to a more positive future
  • a new support network of friends who share and understand your struggles and challenges
  • the opportunity to continue your journey with follow-up sessions as needed or desired
Jane Daniel,Marriage and Family Counseling

Jane Daniels is a licensed marriage and family therapist with 20 years of experience. Jane has led multiple divorce support groups. She has been both widowed and divorced. For her, the process of divorce was more challenging. When she was widowed, she didn’t feel guilt. Instead, she feared being alone, not the fear of being replaced. She felt supported, not rejected. After her divorce, she went through a roller coaster of emotions including sadness, anger, and fear—as she had to face the challenge of adjusting to a new life. Not to mention, comforting and explaining her current circumstances to her children, dealing with her finances alone, co-parenting, and her shattered self-esteem. 

This group will provide a safe and nonjudgemental space where individuals can share their stories and advice, and seek comfort in the company of others facing similar challenges. If you are going through a divorce, please know you are not alone. It is normal to feel alone, but know that together we will support and uplift one another.

Girl Teen Empowerment Group

Building a Community for Girls

with Lindsay Gallagher

Cost: $15

Teen & Tween Group

Entering the teen years can be overwhelming for girls. The Teen Girl Empowerment circle enhances young girls’ self-esteem, builds positive peer connections, creates body positivity, and imbues self-empowerment.

The circle will allow girls to share stories, find creative outlets, and use movement and art to assist teens in becoming creators of their own emotional and social success. Help your teen girl feel supported through this challenging time and provide a safe, nurturing space for self-discovery. For girls ages 13-17.

Lindsay Gallagher

Lindsay has over 15 years of experience in the field of psychology. ​Her primary goal is to build and nurture the therapeutic relationship, which she believes is an integral piece in uncovering the resources necessary to bring about one’s desired growth. In a safe and supportive environment, Lindsay will offer guidance in gaining insight, recognizing feelings, and achieving self-acceptance and self-actualization. Lindsay completed a 200 hour-Yoga Teacher Training Certification and is dually certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. 

Learn More About Lindsay