The Safe and Sound Protocol – SSP

What is the Safe and Sound Protocol and how can it help?   

SSP is a simple and effective treatment which alleviates and supports many chronic physical and psychological symptoms such as: 

Emotional and Social Regulation >> Depression   Focus, Attention, and Memory Issues >> Digestive Issues >> Anxiety & Hyperactivity >> Muscular Tension &  Undiagnosed Pain >> Chronic Low-Energy >> Sensory Sensitivities  Trauma Related Challenges (PTSD, C-PTSD) >>  Prolonged Grief and More…   

How Does Safe and Sound Protocol Work?   

SSP uses a specific frequency bandwidth of sound through digitally filtered music, and trains the  middle ear muscles to filter out low frequency sounds that are allowed through in a traumatized  person’s nervous system. The constant state of anxiety, terror, or shut-down, just to mention a few  examples, is felt in the body and mind of a person with autonomic dysfunction. After receiving a SSP  treatment, clinical studies have shown drastic shifts in behavior, difficult emotional states, and somatic  disorders through the Dorsal Vagal circuit of the autonomic nervous system.      

What Can I Expect with the Safe and Sound Protocol? 

A full SSP experience is typically 5 days, each session  consists of 1 hour of listening to the SSP music via  headphones. Each visit will be approximately 90 minutes.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to settle into the environment. The administering environment must be  calm and peaceful so this Protocol is rarely done in the home unless local and cleared by the Practitioner.

The preferred location is on site in our Warminster, Pa. office

Preferably you will come accompanied by someone you feel safe with, and has a comforting presence for you. This is helpful for facilitating the safety that the Protocol is designed to support. Be prepared to make SSP appointments in the evening  (or on days where you have a light schedule) so that you can easily go to sleep, rest, or nap shortly after completing each session, as you may feel tired from the experience. You will likely sleep extra soundly from the resulting calming effect. Ideally, you will not engage in any strenuous activities during days you are experiencing SSP sessions. This includes anything that may elicit extreme physiological stress, including vigorous  exercise or relational stressors etc. This is for the purpose of strengthening the calming parasympathetic effect of the Protocol, which increases your overall results.

The SSP Intervention Package: $900.00 per client

>Personal History, Informational Session on Site or via Zoom, 60 Minutes 
>5-Consecutive Days of the SSP’s Sound Therapy Protocol (Each Session Approx. 90 Minutes) 
>Follow-up Session on Site or via Zoom, 60 Minutes 
>Required Equipment (Value $150), Ordered & Delivered 1-Week before the Intervention 
>Phone and Email support with Questions/Concerns Pre & Post Intervention.   

Special Rate For Client’s Family Member $675.00 If Scheduled Within The Same Month

>Personal History, Informational Session on Site, 60 Minutes 
>5 Consecutive Days of the SSP’s Sound Therapy (Each Session Approx. 90 Minutes) 
>Follow-up Session on Site, 60 Minutes 
>Required Equipment (Value $150), Ordered & Delivered 1-Week before the Intervention. 
>Phone and Email support with Questions/Concerns Pre & Post Intervention.    

Payment Details & Information:   

* Travel fees apply if sessions are located off campus. A 50% deposit is due at the time of scheduling. The balance is due on the first day of the scheduled  Intervention * Financial Considerations are done on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire * Check or PayPal is accepted. Payment requests are to be made in advance so that the Provider can hold/pre-book 5-consecutive office days of space, review/prepare all materials for the Intervention, and pre-order updated SSP technology/equipment for the sessions * Thank you for your understanding and support in advance * SSP can be re-administered for furthered support and strengthening (ask Practitioner for  details.) This can only be done within 6 months after the first Intervention. We offer $150.00 off the second Intervention when repeating the process.


For any questions or to schedule a consultation contact:
Danielle Ivins-Fishman 267-779-6341