Sound and vibrational healing is growing in popularity, and you may be wondering why. Here is a simple explanation…

You are a living energy field. Your body is composed of energy-producing particles, each of which is in constant motion. So, like everything and everyone else in the universe, you are vibrating and creating energy.

Vibrations are a kind of rhythm — and happen on a large scale, like seasonal changes and tidal patterns—as well as within the body, such as heartbeats, breathing rates, and circadian rhythms.

But there are much smaller vibrations happening in your body, too. Inside each one of your cells, molecules vibrate at expected rates.

Researchers study these vibrations in the body using atomic force microscopes, which detect vibrations on the nanoscale, and have found that these vibrations generate electromagnetic energy waves. Researchers have found that vibrations and the electromagnetic energy associated with them cause changes in your cells, which can then affect how your body functions.

How can you access these vibrations? One place is nature—the sound of the wind on a walk, the ocean breaking against the shore or crickets on a warm summer night. Don’t have access to nature, but want the benefits? A sound machine can help you sleep at night. Or, listening to white or brown noise. Search it on whatever listening medium you use. Another way is a sound bath.

Sound Baths use singing bowls made of metal and crystal, rainsticks, and chimes. While listening to the sounds deepens meditation and promotes relaxation, they also affect gentle yet powerful changes to the mind and body. The vibrations from the singing bowls massage every cell in the body. Sound healing brings emotions to the surface, so oftentimes feelings that you are harboring will arise shortly after a session—or it could take up to a day for you to feel this emotional impact.

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