Simple Sweetness of Life

By Susan Cohen, yoga instructor, massage therapist, foot reflexologist, natural foods cooking teacher & chef

The simple sweetness of life is a natural taste to desire. However, that sweetness doesn’t need to come from our diets. When our energy lowers around 2:30-3, resist grabbing a high-calorie, low-energy snack like cookies, potato chips, or “energy” bars or drinks that boost healthy choices but instead are full of added sugars.

Avoiding cane sugar can help you on many levels. Too much sugar in our diet can cause Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and weight gain. Also, cane sugar causes a quick burst of energy, rather than a more steady increase. 

Some sweet choices are dried or fresh fruits. Or a chunk of dark chocolate. Try one of the brands that sweeten chocolate with honey or other better sweet options rather than cane sugar. Honey or agave nectar is a great alternative to cane sugar in coffee, tea, and baking. There are even a few chocolate chip choices that sweeten with honey. 

High-protein foods are a great choice. An easy snack to pack and bring to work are hard boiled eggs, or nuts such as almonds and walnuts. They get us back on track and keep our brains clear. 

As Deepak Chopra wisely said, “We establish the body’s essential balance and energy to strengthen the mind/body connection.”

When you give the body what it needs, you’ll be open to, create, and pursue the very best in life. 

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