Our Students Love Classes at Airmid!

♦  “Instructor was great with the kids. Very informative & knowledgeable” DS
♦  “Very friendly and accommodating staff. I especially like the small intimate setting” FG
♦  “A very warm and gentle place!” GR
♦  “Great experience. Very nice instructor” KR
♦  “I have recommended Airmid to several people” GW
♦  “Nice atmosphere, TRE® instructors and Mind-Body instructor deliver a solid great class” FG
♦ “For the past month I have been sampling a variety of yoga classes at Airmid. I highly recommend them all. Each class adds something special. For example, Cindy’s Gentle Yoga class adds in meditation. Andie’s Gentle Yoga incorporates Reiki. I feel so relaxed leaving that class and have the best night’s sleep. Patti’s Chair Yoga class has been very restorative for me. I have a lot of arthritis and tight muscles. This class has helped me improve my mobility. All the instructors have helped me adapt to the exercise. The only yoga class I have yet to try is Restorative Yoga because of scheduling. I highly recommend Airmid Wellness.” SN
 “Love the TRE® class, super instructor and really helpful class” AD
♦  “All is great!” BT
♦  “I was very pleased with the classes I attended” JP
♦ “The environment is warm and inviting and the teacher, as well as the whole class, was very welcoming and a great experience” BJ
♦ “If you are looking for a SUPERB yoga studio with INCREDIBLE teachers (Cindy is the best I have ever had), I strongly recommend Airmid. The intro offer is unbeatable and the first class is always free. I signed up @ $30 for 30 days and attended 10 classes during the trial period, each and every one of them absolutely incredible (and just $3.33 each). I have re-upped at $12.50 a class and look forward to my Saturday morning class every week. The center also provides massage, acupuncture, and meditation services” FM
♦ “Another wonderful yoga class at Airmid Wellness with Andreia. So warm and thoughtful. Please come join, you won’t be disappointed” JC

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