Chakra Clearing

with Tammy Jarbarin

Experience a multi-faceted chakra clearing session that includes Reconnective Energy work and Essential Oils.

A non-touch energy modality is utilized based on Spiritual/Cosmic energy forces that are present and available for our healing.  Focusing on how the body, mind, and spirit are impacted by trauma, Essential Oils are paired with the Chakras and Reconnection Energy. These help facilitate your self-awareness and empowerment in clearing chakras and releasing the emotional blocks caused by trauma.

The Doterra Emotional oils are specially blended to address 6 distinct emotions. When they are paired with 6 of the main chakras along with Frankincense for the Crown chakra as the 7th; that the Reconnection Energy enhances the vibrational properties of the oils and helps to increase physical and emotional healing and release.

As an Intuitive and Social Worker, Tammy is able to gain insight and information during the session regarding any emotional blocks and related issues. After the session there is time for processing your feelings and experience, facilitate any releases and process that experience with you.

Information is also gained on your gifts and ways they can further your healing and spiritual growth. You also have the opportunity to take your own home roll-on essential oil which you make based on the oil(s) you liked best.

It is a wonderful modality in creating space for change in your life when you feel uncertain, emotionally and mentally stuck.

The Reconnective Energy with Chakra Clearing and Essential Oils is a 45-60 minute session. The cost is $85.
> Add before and after Aura Photos for only $25 ($50 value which includes a 23-page personalized Aura Report)
> An Aura Photo Session with report is available by appointment: $50

Reconnective Energy Practitioner, Holistic practitioner, social worker, and intuitive

For more information and to book a private session contact Tammy at 215-275-8933