Free Community Classes

Airmid cares about the community we serve and wants to provide free community class offerings that everyone can enjoy.


Welcome to the Airmid Community! Come and enjoy our space in our free community classes. We will be holding them in our studio, online, or out in the community. We do this to help you get a feel for our vibe: mind and body wellness.

Free Saturday Class

This class is free to the community virtually and in our studio every Saturday from 11a – 12p. Each month, we will feature a different instructor and different classes. All classes are suited for all levels.

These classes won’t be challenging, so if you are new to yoga, meditation, mindfulness, exercise…this class is for you!

Can’t touch your toe’s? Ok. Let’s work on that…see you on the mat.

New? No problem. This class is for you!


Carol Gardner

April—-> Neurogenic Yoga

Neurogenic Yoga is a sister method of TRE® that combines yoga postures (asana) and breathing exercises (pranayama) with the body’s natural, therapeutic shaking response called Self Induced Therapeutic Tremors (SITT).


Monthly Women’s Circle 

3rd Sunday of the Month from  3- 4:30p

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time. A women’s circle creates a sacred bond between women in a safe, deeply nourishing, and nurturing space. Women’s circles cater to all ages and backgrounds. Those who attend a circle are encouraged to explore and connect to their inner world and the
sisterhood of women in the group. Thus, a women’s circle is a time of bonding, sharing, and rest; it can mentally and physically heal women.

Each month we will hold a nonjudgmental space for women to come together to empower each other with work on self-care, emotional healing, confidence building, manifesting, and mindfulness, all while fulfilling the need for community.


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