Improve your health and well-being as you reduce stress and anxiety in our friendly, community-based classes.


Movement classes at Airmid are designed to promote whole-body wellness. They consist of Yoga, Mindful Movement, and Stress Reduction, including Meditation & Get Grounded to Manage Stress. All classes connect the mind and body and promote relaxation and inner peace. There are offerings for the whole family, including Kids and Teens, Women’s Empowerment. and Free Offerings for the Community. Classes are held in our studio, virtually, and pre-recorded videos. 

Mindful Movement Classes

Mindful Movement 

Classes include yoga and other gentle exercises to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Attending regular classes will improve strength, flexibility, focus, memory, and self-esteem.

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Women's Empowerment Classes

Women’s Empowerment

If you are determined to make positive changes in your life, join our women empowerment classes. Let go of criticism and learn to love yourself.

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Stress Reduction

Stress Management

These classes calm the chaos in your mind by learning calming techniques and breathing exercises paired with gentle movement that you can use daily to help you manage the stress and challenges that life throws at you.

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Kids, Teen and Family Classes

Kids, Teens & Family Classes

Our classes help kids and teens understand stress and anxiety and what the stressors are doing to their bodies by teaching movement and mindfulness techniques they can use as they mature.

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Free Community Classes

Free Community Class

Come and enjoy our space in our free community classes, held in our studio, online, or out in the community.

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Our Classes are small and intimate, with experienced and compassionate instructors who provide personal attention for all ages and experience levels. We especially welcome beginners or those who prefer a healing and supportive environment to receive the many health benefits of yoga.

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Online Virtual Classes

Register 30 minutes before your scheduled class begins, and you will receive an email with a unique link to the class. If you’re booking within 30 minutes of the start of class, then you’ll receive the email within a few minutes.