Get Grounded & Meditation Classes

Experience deep relaxation and enhanced physical and emotional well-being

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GET GROUNDED TO MANAGE STRESS: Experience relaxing awareness of the breath and the body to help alleviate and manage symptoms of stress, overthinking or rumination. We finish with a brief guided meditation that helps relax the body and mind and encourage serenity and a sense of calm. Experience not requiredIn-Studio & Virtual.

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GUIDED MEDITATION FOR DEEP RELAXATION: Meditation will help clear the mind’s chatter and relax your body. Reduce stress, promote calmness, decrease anxiety and depression. Feel peaceful, grounded and calm. Experience First Friday Virtual or In-Studio Guided Meditation.

Hartsville Professional Village
1260 Old York Rd.
Warminster, PA 18974

*Acupuncture performed at 1250 Old York Rd.

(215) 293-0744