Get Grounded & Meditation Classes

Experience deep relaxation and enhanced physical and emotional well-being

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GET GROUNDED TO MANAGE STRESS: Experience relaxing awareness of the breath and the body to help alleviate and manage symptoms of stress, overthinking or rumination. We finish with a brief guided meditation that helps relax the body and mind and encourage serenity and a sense of calm. Experience not requiredIn-Studio & Virtual. Free thru June 30th 

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GUIDED MEDITATION FOR DEEP RELAXATION: Meditation will help clear the mind’s chatter and relax your body. Reduce stress, promote calmness, decrease anxiety and depression. Feel peaceful, grounded and calm. Experience Virtual Guided Meditation every Friday evening. First Friday is Virtual AND In-Studio

Hartsville Professional Village
1260 Old York Rd.
Warminster, PA 18974

*Acupuncture performed at 1250 Old York Rd.

(215) 293-0744