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Mindfulness and Meditation Classes

Experience deep relaxation and enhanced physical and emotional well-being

Mindfulness for Stress Relief and Emotional Support
with Katie Idell

Tuesdays – 12:30pm

Katie Idell, Psychology Today, Anxiety, Trauma, LGBTQi+ ally. Grief, Yoga

Join Katie for a mindfulness and gentle movement class that will help you slow down, get centered, and discover nervous system regulation tools to help find more ease. Class starts with time for grounding and centering, then time for gentle yoga and movement to help you connect with your body and deepen the sense of grounding. Katie then teaches a variety of nervous system regulation tools, such as breathing, self-soothing, and self-compassion exercises, with the intention of discovering techniques you can use in your daily life. Then Katie leads a mindfulness practice, such as a body scan or breathing meditation. Katie leaves time for questions and checking in, so that you can ask about any challenges that may have come up during practice. Katie honors the fact that not every practice will have the same effect for every person, so there is room for experimentation.

Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation
With Andi Rio

First Fridays – Free – 7pm

Meditation, FIrst Friday, Relax

Meditation with Andi will help clear the mind’s chatter and relax your body. Reduce stress, promote calmness, decrease anxiety and depression. Feel peaceful, grounded and calm.