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Mindfulness and Meditation Classes

Experience deep relaxation and enhanced physical and emotional well-being

Guided Meditation with Self-Reiki for Deep Relaxation
with Alyssa Martin

Thursdays – 12pm

Alyssa Martin

We know stress negatively impacts our immune system. Avoid burnout by taking a break to practice mindfulness with this all-levels meditation class. If you struggle to keep up a regular mindfulness practice on your own, this class is for you. Designed to clear, balance, and restore; benefits include improved focus, decreased stress, and a boost in creativity and energy levels.

Mindfulness for Stress Relief and Emotional Support
with Katie Idell

Tuesdays – 12:30pm

Katie Idell, Psychology Today, Anxiety, Trauma, LGBTQi+ ally. Grief, Yoga

If these times of stress and change are feeling overwhelming or if you are needing some community and connection while also building skills to help you feel calmer. Katie will teach a combination of tools to help you find more calm and ease, including gentle movement, mindfulness skills, self-compassion, and nervous-system regulation practices, all from a trauma-informed lens.

Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation
With Andi Rio

First Fridays – 7pm

Andreia Bliss

Meditation with Andi will help clear the mind’s chatter and relax your body. Reduce stress, promote calmness, decrease anxiety and depression. Feel peaceful, grounded and calm.