Mindful Meditation Workshop

with Anthony Serpiello  Sunday July 21st 1 to 3pm

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        Whether you are new to meditation or looking to deepen an existing practice, join Anthony for this 2-hour workshop where we will cover the basics of beginning a home practice and discuss common obstacles which may arise and how to deal with them.
     We will focus on Mindfulness Meditation using the breath and bodily sensations as our points of focus. The practices will be explained clearly so you feel confident to practice comfortably on your own. If you already have a home practice, there will be time for questions. We’ll have 2 or 3 practice group sittings throughout the workshop so any questions may be answered.

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 “I’ve been meditating daily for over 3 years now. One thing it has clearly shown me it that real freedom means freedom  from our own habitual reactions. To live freely means to act spontaneously in the moment instead of reacting from past impressions. Meditation a way to begin freeing ourselves from these reactive patterns and as a bonus it makes us more calm, peaceful and happy”  Anthony Serpiello

Questions? Email: YogaJustYoga@gmail.com