Meg Clawson

Talk Therapy for children, teens, and adults of all ages; Alcohol and Drug Interventions

Meg Clawson

Since children cannot bring themselves to therapy, you as a parent or guardian are a special advocate for the child in your life.

I invite you to give your child the gift of therapy with a clinician trained in the nuances of child development. Whether the issue stems from school anxiety, social anxiety, life transitions, divorce, sexual molestation, trauma or elsewhere, I work with children to move through their negative emotions into a place of safety.

Counseling is a relationship where you are the most important person. Therapists follow an ethical code that keeps the relationship healthy and protects the confidentiality and integrity of the client. I work with clients across the lifespan and have a skill set that is deep and broad. I am happy to collaborate with other therapists.

Children need a therapist who understands their developmental level and any diagnosis they may have. I teach coping skills to children through the use of visual aids, play, art, talking, sand tray work, and much more. I excel at facilitating intergenerational connections and helping clients see their strengths.


The cost per session is $125 to $175.

play therapy,, Children's therapy
play therapy,, Children's therapy
Sand Tray therapy, Counseling for children

Listen to Meg discuss her therapy style. 


Do you have a loved one or business partner in active addiction? Meg also provides Alcohol and Drug Interventions

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