Yoga Classes for Kids

Yoga improves behavioral issues for children of all ages, including those with learning disorders and has also been shown to improve the lives of children with autism spectrum disorders. Yoga is a tool empowering kids to self-regulate emotions and achieve calm in an overstimulating world.

Kids Fun Yoga for Ages 4 to 11

Children of this age love to role-play and pretend, so this yoga class lets them be who they are.

This class is high energy and fast paced to keep them focused and moving. Even though their attention spans are short, they are always absorbing information on some level. To nurture this, each class is developed around a theme that aims to educate the whole child, so kids will often learn about the body, nature, math/ logic, language, music and intrapersonal skills during a class. Yoga at this age helps develop emerging language, math and memory skills, develops large and small motor skills, ability to engage in make-believe play, socialize, develop greater self-reliance and curiosity and develop empathy and altruism. 

Mondays 5-6pm Free Online during Covid-19

Juli Eckmeier, Yoga Instructor and Mother

Juli has intuitively involved yoga in her various jobs teaching children music and movement before completing her 200 hr. certification with an extra 50 hr. emphasis on Ayurveda. She got her 45 hr. children’s yoga certification in NYC, then trained in anatomy and myofascial release before completing a chair yoga certification and is currently working toward her 500 hr. certification.
She strongly believes that yoga is beneficial for every age, body and mind and loves the chance to spread her enthusiasm on the subject! She is an artist, musician, nature enthusiast and “mother of chaos”, having four children and lots of animals at home!

“Increases Strength and Flexibility”

“Educational and empowering.
Our kiddos love coming to class!”

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