Jane Daniels


Licensed Professional Counselor
Masters of Family Therapy, Occupational
Specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy

Jane Daniels

Do you feel disconnected from your partner? Unable to resolve conflicts that have been plaguing you for years? Stressed out by challenging children and adolescents? It is not uncommon to feel emotionally distant from your significant other after many years together, but many couples suffer in lonely silence, feeling the pain of misunderstanding. This can lead to depression, affairs, and addictions.

The key to transforming a relationship begins with an emotional connection. It may be time to take a hard look. If you are having difficulties with trust, affairs, addictions or communication. 

Call me. I may be able to help.  (215) 293-0744

Our 13-Week Virtual Support Group offers:

  • How to recognize and address common emotional challenges
  • Healthy coping mechanisms and strategies for stress management
  • Self-care practices for emotional healing
  • Professional resources – legal, financial, and custody-related
  • Help with co-parenting issues (drop-off and pick-up issues, time sharing, unexpected expenses)

By the end of your support group session you will come away with:

  • an empowered sense of self, improved self-esteem, and a clearer path to a more positive future
  • a new support network of friends who share and understand your struggles and challenges
  • the opportunity to continue your journey with follow-up sessions as needed or desired