Intuitive Life Coach

Alyssa Martin, The Happy Mystic™

Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader & Life Coach, Teen Self-Empowerment Coach, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Vocal Coach

Alyssa Martin is an Intuitive Life Coach with a unique perspective. Deep within you lies a place where all the answers exist to any question or problem in your life, and Alyssa will help you access the place within you that KNOWS the answers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could become less stressed over decisions and stop second-guessing yourself? Would you love to be able to speak up for yourself more often, ask for what you need, and express your frustrations with honesty, love and grace? What if you could start building your confidence from within, instead of seeking the approval of others just to feel “ok” with yourself?
Alyssa teaches techniques to help woman and teen girls tap into their intuition so they can hear the powerful Inner Voice of their Spirit. She specializes in teaching sensitive individuals how to manage empathic energy overload, how to sort out the fear-based thoughts, and guides them in creating new, healthy and empowering thought-structures.
It is from this place of power that you can bring about dramatic shifts in your thoughts and in your life. You will find that you are lovable and that you are worth loving. You begin to understand that you have the power to stop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts, decrease and even conquer anxiety by carefully choosing new thoughts. You begin to feel a sense of purpose and grasp that there are limitless possibilities open to you!
If you are ready to feel good about yourself and your future, call Alyssa!
Tap into your intuition and create a life that makes your heart sing!
  • Reconnect with your sense of purpose and find your voice
  • Effectively cope with shyness, stress and anxiety, so you can express yourself lovingly and authentically
  • Navigate massive changes in career, religion, and relationships greater clarity and and direction
  • Learn how to attract good things into your life just by changing your thoughts
Contact Alyssa with any questions at (267) 544-7672, email her at beelyss@hotmail.com, or feel free to visit www.AlyssaOm.com to schedule a complimentary discovery session.