Integrative Coaching

Integrative life coaches guide clients to overcome core issues, develop personal action plans, and help them move effectively toward achieving their goals.


Danielle Ivins-Fishman

Danielle Fishman
We begin our work together by targeting one specific area of your life where you need the most support. From there, we will journey with you in growth, awareness, healing, and discovery as you align your life with what is most important to You and your Values on ALL Levels of Self. We look forward to you taking advantage of my expert, one-on-one support where you need it most.

I utilize a unique approach of integrating the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions to connect you to your higher power in a way that suits your beliefs. You’ll receive knowledgeable guidance in the development of the 4 Levels of Self; Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. By broadening your understanding of these essential parts of yourself, you’ll automatically maximize available energy in your life.  An integral part of our program is exploring the role of your unconscious mind and hidden beliefs that are interfering with your life. Retraining your unconscious is crucial to improving your effectiveness in life, and the tools I will teach you to allow for BIG growth in the areas you need most.  This process has been designed to be simple and effective, with powerful results.  I work with you step-by-step while applying these tools, techniques, and educational material while honoring the beautiful, complex human being that you are.

Sessions are in-person or phone coaching, which is approximately one hour each, and each call will be a check-in and update to progress in your action steps: three weeks on, one week off per month.


Let me be your guide into personal transformation and empowerment while creating foundational confidence, inspiration, and effectiveness in every area of your life!

Through our Integrative Coaching System, you will:

  • Learn to connect to your greatest life path and human potential
  • Heal your wounding and conditioning to reveal your innate source of inner peace and happiness
  • Discover how your language, the words that you use (and don’t use) are key to who you are and how you can connect to a more integrated, whole version of yourself
  • Develop a more sophisticated mastery of language to maximize the effectiveness of your habits through improved mental focus
  • Uncover and express your unique greatness to experience true empowerment through integration in your life
  • Connect to the peace within your heart at any moment, no matter how difficult the circumstance
  • Find strategies that suit your needs, and allow those strategies to optimize reaching your goals through increased available energy and intrinsic motivation
  • Connect with your most confident, inspired, and fulfilling life by aligning with your purpose
  • Learn to live from love and compassion to awaken your most joyful life experience for yourself and enrich all of your relationships
  • Integrate living a life you love with the effectiveness of continuing to “raise the bar” in your life standards

Join me in connecting to your deepest human potential!  

Schedule a complimentary call with Danielle today at 267-779-6341 or daniellefishman1@gmail.com.