Love Yourself and Transform Your Life

A 6-week introduction to a new way of thinking, based on the philosophy of Louise Hay

with Alyssa Martin

This is your opportunity to begin healing the past and dissolving the barriers to your true inner peace. Every area of life can be improved: career, health, prosperity, and relationships. If you are not absolutely in love with your life, register today to begin!

If you are craving your own inner authenticity and ready to show up for yourself in a new way, you are in the right place!  Each week we’ll share our thoughts about a chapter, get familiar with the material and what it means. Tell our stories. Learn from each other. This is where we really get to realize HOW DIFFERENT OUR LIVES COULD BE!

 This is ground-breaking material, and it’s something we didn’t learn in school or from our parents. In fact, most of us have been trained not to talk about our emotions and encouraged to suppress our authentic feelings. You’ll receive 6 weeks of guided instructions and online sessions with Alyssa Martin, a certified Heal Your Life® Workshop Instructor and Life Coach; as well as worksheets and PDFs of information not contained in Louise’s book. You will also need to purchase a copy of You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

This powerful six session workshop will guide you and prepare you with what you need to heal the past, understand your feelings, and move on in an empowered way towards your dreams. And… you get to experience this life-changing workshop from the comfort of your own home!

You will learn and experience:

✶ The philosophy of metaphysics ✶ Weekly meditations and visualizations ✶ Exercises to help you understand how your subconscious and unconscious minds work ✶ How to create truly powerful affirmations ✶ How to release addictions and other sabotaging behaviors ✶ Dealing with “negative” emotions
✶ Forgiveness work to free yourself ✶ Creating the exciting new story for your life ✶ Understand your family dynamics and barriers to Love ✶ Learn to bring affirmations into your body and not just in your mind ✶ Learn to love yourself and others more fully and deeply ✶ Work with body, mind, emotions and spirit to transform your life ✶ Release negative emotions blocking you from living joyfully and creatively

You will also receive PDFs of information and exercises not contained in the book, as well as inspirational messages to keep you engaged and motivated between sessions. After you register you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions for your participation in this exciting workshop.

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Class Size is Limited. Register Now. Any questions? Call Alyssa at 602-510-4414

 Grab a cup of tea, nestle down in your favorite chair and tune-in for one-hour a week for 6-weeks.
Required reading for the workshop:  You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Read Testimonials About Alyssa’s Workshops!

Before this course, I was practicing self-sabotage … Focused too much on outside events rather than inside my soul events … I realized my intentions were placed outside rather than inside.

Alyssa really made me comfortable addressing issues that surfaced and let me know it’s part of growing to love myself. Kept me moving forward … If you’re thinking about taking this course … Do it! Especially if you’re on the fence … It’s time to deal with the resistance if you want to change and be the person you are supposed to be. Meredith Y.

 Before taking this course, my thoughts were very negative. During the course, I felt a tremendous transformation and shift of my thoughts and feelings moving toward positive and loving ones … Alyssa is excellent. She is very understanding of the process. She knows when and how to gently push or get people to delve deep into certain topics … I have read many self-help books over the years. I had not heard of Louise Hay before signing up for the course however the description was exactly what I wanted for my life. I read the book You Can Heal Your Life cover to cover before starting the course … While the message of the book resonated with me, I’m so happy I took the course because I didn’t really put any of it into action on my own … The course provided support and feedback from Alyssa and the other participants that was vital to my growth, not feeling alone in the process and to keep motivated …. Alyssa also provided vital support between sessions via emails that were crucial on my journey … I also felt having the accountability of the weekly session helped tremendously as well as the structure of the weekly growth work … If you are thinking a course like this could help you, then please take this time to focus on you and you will be amazed and surprised just how different your life can be by learning to love yourself. For me the course was worth every penny and I’m extremely grateful I found it when I did.” Lisa Y.

 This course is totally worth the time and (very reasonable) money investment. In the 6 sessions that I had, I learned and put into practice a new way of seeing things, particularly myself and my environment. It is amazing what positive shifts I have already experienced in a short time … I personally, am so grateful that I was able to do this course! … Alyssa created a space where I felt safe and that my feelings, emotions, thoughts, experiences, and privacy were of utmost importance … She gave us each an opportunity to share when we wished to and the comfort to remain silent if we chose not, too. This created a very positive experience in which we could really begin to open up and practice our newly developed (and/or improved) techniques to better living.” Laura H.

 This is a good place to get to know YOU! … Alyssa gave me a safe environment and direction to explore what I was feeling. Her gentle way of showing an alternative thought process was welcomed and was easily applied to help get the results I was looking for.” Diane P.

 Take this course!! Where will you be if you don’t? Every journey begins with the first step. Alyssa is wonderful. As long as you are willing to do the work, this is a win.” Janet K.

 Working with a group has been more effective for me. By myself I manage to find excuses to avoid some of the hard parts… Coming up against resistance is part and parcel with the process but by working with the group I find myself more able to push on through my resistance. It’s kind of like going to an exercise class; knowing that others are counting on me to show up helps me to get the work done whereas left to my own devices I find excuses to avoid the hard parts, but knowing that I had the group session coming up inspired me and the results were really profound … Alyssa gave me lots of encouragement and was able to help me see some things in myself that I hadn’t seen before. She has helped me access parts of myself that were previously hidden which were driving my beliefs … I am truly grateful for her and for the course.” Erica B.

 Feels like I opened a whole new chapter in my life.”  Alina Z.

The Heal Your Life workshop was so empowering. Alyssa made it easy to grasp the little steps we could take that will shift our thoughts to change our lives.  Kalpana P.

I learned and put into practice a new way of seeing things, particularly myself and my environment. It is amazing what positive shifts I have already experienced in a short time.  Laura H.