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Sarawati, Hindu Goddess, Empowerment

Learn and Discover the Goddess Energy Within You!

Join our yoga instructors; Cindy, Andie, Elizabeth and Sandy as they present different goddesses and demonstrate how to access their energy within you.

The energy of the goddesses is called “ Shakti” in Hinduism, and “Chi or Qi” in Taoism. It is the innate creativity at the heart of all living things. She’s the life force energy that makes the river flow just as she powers your breath, makes your heart beat, and fires your muscles and neurons. She is often equated with prana (the force within the breath), but she is also the subtle energy that gives rise to prana.

At this gathering, you will have have fun discovering which of those goddesses you already embody and how to balance that life force with it’s complementing energy. Learn how and when you would need to access a particular Shakti energy

Light snacks and drinks will be available.  Bring a friend!
Cost: Donations will be accepted.


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