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Live Classes Are Streamed Daily
You can view on your computer, tablet or smartphone

Airmid clients and members along with friends, family and neighbors are welcome to participate in live classes with our teachers. Connect with our online community as you get some needed exercise, meditation and participate in other stress-reducing wellness techniques. You can learn about Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE©) as well as TaiChi and there’s even a Kids Fun Family Yoga class every Monday. Just follow the easy steps below and log on just prior to the scheduled start time for each class and visit our website for class descriptions, schedule updates and more.

There is no cost, however you are welcome to make an optional contribution to help provide support for our teachers in order to continue these online classes from their homes.
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Classes are Free

But please consider an optional donation
to help provide support for our dedicated teachers
in order to continue these online community classes

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Questions at any time: email or text:
EdSalkind.Airmid@gmail.com / 609.220.9982

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