“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates


Food & Healing Workshops help people understand the connection between what they eat to how it affects the body. Eating the right foods can heal many ailments, from stomach issues to arthritis.

All virtual workshops are recorded and can be viewed afterward by participants.

Understanding and Eliminating Sugar Cravings

3-step process to end sugar cravings

with Susan Cohen
In Studio | New Dates Coming Soon

Everyone knows sugar is bad for their teeth, but did you know it can negatively affect your joints, skin, liver, heart, kidneys, and sexual health? Are you curious about the effects of sugar on your body? Understanding is the first step in getting the body back into balance.

This workshop runs for 3 weeks: February 18, February 25, and March 4 from 1-2:30p. During your time, you will learn about the different phases of sugar cravings and be guided through the 3-step process of eliminating your sugar cravings.

  • Learn about the 5 Tastes
  • Relaxation and Breathing for Mindfulness
  • Simply Sweet Recipes

Bring a journal to record what you learn and experience and keep your understanding awake. You will learn how to relax, breathe and laugh as you gain more clarity, energy, and joy through gentle movement.

Susan Cohen is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, foot reflexologist, natural foods cooking teacher & chef, in person or virtually.

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Food & Healing Online Workshop

Learn to live happier, healthier & pain-free with better food choices. You are what you eat!

with Sheri DeMaris, M.Ed

New offerings coming soon

Are you experiencing issues with your health, such as … diabetes, high B/P, overweight, GI issues, trouble focusing, or frequent pain? Feeling tired all the time? Do you struggle to wake up your body in the morning?

We all know that everything we eat carries a good or bad nutritional value, but more importantly, specific energy. Learn how that energy affects your physical well-being and day-to-day mood and emotions.

You’ll learn the five basic tastes to help discover what your body is trying to tell you through your cravings! And how to effectively read food labels and why it is so important. You will also be guided step by step to add new supportive foods into your weekly meals…not subtract anything! After adding these new foods, you may notice how your body stops craving the foods that don’t support you!!

Bring a journal listing your recent week of meals. In this workshop, you will learn simple meal planning techniques and how to do a daily step-by-step reflection on how you feel and what food choices you made to create those feelings.

Join us for some fun as we explore the energy of food!

Juli Eckmeier

Sheri has taught people worldwide the healing power of food and how to develop a more natural lifestyle. Her teachings are dynamic and interactive as she combines her 35 years of experience as a therapist/counselor for all age groups with her extensive study and teachings of macrobiotics.


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