Food-Mood Connection

Sheri-Lynn DeMaris, M.Ed.

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Sheri has taught people throughout the world the healing power of food and how to develop a more natural lifestyle. Her teachings are dynamic and interactive as she combines her 35 years of experience as a therapist/counselor for all age groups with her extensive study and teachings of macrobiotics.

Sheri has a Masters Degree in Counseling from The College of William and Mary and a post-masters of counseling from Villanova University. She is a graduate of the Kushi Institute of Macrobiotic Studies and TV host/book author of “Macro Magic.”

Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease has an herb to cure it, and every person has a mission. – Mourning Dove Salish. In Native American culture there is a saying that “we are all related”; all things live in relationship to one another.

Walking in beauty means learning to nourish oneself with whole foods from the earth that have been blessed with mineral-rich soil, clean rain and sunshine in the exact season and location where you live.

Food and Healing Workshop

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Live Your Dream in Balance and Gratitude

Have these last few winter months of COVID restrictions got you feeling stressed? Do you find your sleep patterns disturbed? Energy levels running low? Your moods changing throughout the day? In this weekly support group we’ll start where you are as we explore the Food-Mood connection. We’ll look at wise and healthy food options and balanced lifestyle choices to feel your best. Learn tips for increasing your gut health ( which is so important to increase your immunity to COVID!).

We’ll share inspirational tools/books and learn new tips for using your intuition for creating healthy and supportive living routines in your daily life.

Sheri will help walk you thru the steps of regaining your connection to mother earth by teaching you how to make wise food choices, cook in a healthy way and create lifestyle habits that put you back in balance.