Food and Healing Classes

“Tea with Sheri” and “Eat with Angelique”

Healing Power of Food, Nuttition, Wellness, Airmid, Fats, Oils, SugarTwo experts teach alternate Wednesdays to bring you the healing properties of food and how to make delicious healthy meals. Sheri and Angelique teach and answer your questions on the healing powers of food and the effects on our physical, emotional and psychological well-being.
Sheri-Lynn DeMaris is a Natural Food Chef/Educator who has taught people of all ages, throughout the world the importance of cooking and eating well.
Angelique Santana is a Plant-Based Chef, Health Coach, Author, and Speaker who understands what it is like to struggle with food, weight loss and the quest for happiness.

Chef Angelique Santana is the author of “Food Is Love”

Chef | Coach | Author | Speaker – Angelique is the owner and founder of Eat With Angelique, the small business launched with a singular mission in mind – to guide people toward a healthy lifestyle starting, but not ending, with the food they eat. Angelique is a published author, a motivational speaker, a health coach, and, of course, a chef.
Food is love is a book filled with delicious, vegan recipes and the tale of Angelique’s journey of self discovery and transformation. Overcoming her own struggle with weight loss and learning about eating a healthier diet, Chef wanted to share her message of Empowering Healthy Lifestyles by cooking for others and showing them healthier food options. Her clients were surprised and amazed, not only that her dishes were plant-based and nutritious, but how tasty and satisfying her food was. “Food is love. There are no rules in food and love.”

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Sheri-Lynn DeMaris is a Natural Food Chef/Educator who has taught people of all ages, throughout the world the importance of cooking and eating well.

Sheri DeMaris, M. Ed., is a macrobiotic teacher and cookbook author who has taught at restaurants and cooking schools throughout the United States and Europe. She has consulted with chefs at top-rated restaurants, including the Ritz Carlton and the Williamsburg Inn, and has shared her knowledge with medical professionals at cutting-edge medical/health programs including the University of California San Diego School of Integrative Medicine and Hahnemann University.

Sheri is a Level 4 graduate of the Kushi Institute. She is the author of the book Macro Magic for Kids and Parents and is the host of an alternative health television cooking show Macro Magic. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the College of William and Mary in Virginia and completed post-graduate studies in counseling from Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

Sheri is presently a consultant for the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise where she is responsible for soliciting the best quality food and home health products from natural food companies.


Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the American Indian theory of existence. – Mourning Dove Salish

In Native American culture there is a saying that “we are all related”; all things live in relationship to one another. Living in harmony with the earth and our environment has meaning and purpose, not only for us but the whole  earth, its peoples, and all that is. When we engage in  a truly healthy lifestyle we walk in what the Native Americans call  “walking in beauty”. Walking in beauty means learning to nourish oneself with whole foods from the earth that have been blessed with mineral rich soil, clean rain and sun shine in the exact season and location where you live.  A  person who is in an ideal state of wellbeing and health is actually walking with the earth mother and is in balance, while one who is not is sick or dis-eased and out of balance .

Sheri will help walk you thru the steps of regaining your connection to mother earth by teaching you how to make wise food choices, cook in a healthy way and create lifestyle habits that put you back in balance.