Employee Wellness

The key to a successful employee wellness program at work is encouraging overall well-being while keeping it fun.


When your employees are healthier, your business is healthier! Leaders and employers are significant in helping employees thrive. Our Wellness Professionals and Therapists will come to your company to help support a culture of employee well-being in your company. 

Wellness Health Fairs

Health Fairs

A Health Fair will introduce your employees and members to various Wellness Services, knowledge, and activities to support their path to Well-Being. Held once or twice a year, a Health Fair provides a fun way to help build a culture of wellness.

Health Fairs can be scheduled from one to several hours or more customized to include “mini” or longer demonstrations, classes, and workshops.

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Our Professional Wellness Staff can present our informative and entertaining programs. Start with our Wellness Toolkit Presentation. Then, continue your support with team-building wellness workshops and a customized Health Fair. Schedule a single class or event or arrange a weekly or monthly plan with various wellness topics.

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The participants of the class loved it! A special shout-out to the wonderful instructors. Thank you so much! – Whole Maternal Health

Airmid Employee Assistance Plan

Airmid’s Employee Assistance Plan

Airmid’s Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is available to assist employees and their families with personal and work-related problems that may impact their health, emotional well-being, and job performance. These can include support for interpersonal / relationship issues at work or home, mental health concerns, substance abuse, stress, or grief. Confidentiality is maintained in accordance with HIPPA privacy laws and ethical standards.

Responding to a Workplace Incident. When organizations must cope with workplace violence, trauma, or other emergency response situations, Airmid’s professional therapists can provide on-site group or private one-on-one support sessions.

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Classes and VOD

Classes & Online Videos

In-person, virtual, and video-on-demand classes include movement, meditation, and gentle exercise as a fun way to support body and mind fitnessReducing stress and avoiding burnout can be helped with sessions such as Mindfulness Survival TipsGuided MeditationYoga, and Get Grounded Classes.

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Offering this option helps build a culture of wellness and job satisfaction among your team members with the feeling that they belong to an organization that genuinely cares about them as a whole person, providing them with opportunities outside of the work environment to improve their overall well-being.

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“Jen is very knowledgeable! Easy to listen to and has great ideas!” – Andrew, Environmental Tectonics Corporation

Learn how Airmid’s Corporate Wellness Program can be customized for your company or organization.

For more information, contact Jen Leary, Wellness Director, 215.293.0744 (ext. 3), Jen.Leary.Airmid@gmail.com.