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“What mental health needs are more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” – Glenn Close


What is an Employee Assistance Plan?

Employee Assistance Plans (EAP) provide your employees the opportunity to receive confidential support from a professional counselor. Offering an EAP benefits your organization by showing your care for the well-being of your employees. Not all medical insurance companies provide EAP benefits. If your organization does not currently have access to an EAP program, we can help. Airmid gives your employees the care and support they need through our specialized and affordable options.

What are the benefits of an Employee Assistance Plan?

EAPs can help to address workplace or home-related issue that may be affecting job responsibilities and relationships with coworkers. Talking to a professional therapist can help reduce stress and provide tools to help prevent or overcome burnout. A happy and mentally healthier employee is more productive and may reduce medical time-off and turnover.

Why Airmid’s Employee Assistance Plan?

Airmid offers confidential access to our local team of professional therapists who are readily available for in-person or telehealth sessions. We integrate Eastern and Western philosophies, as well as a range of traditional counseling and wellness therapies unique to each individual. The diversity of our specialties allows us to provide a collaborative and personalized approach utilizing a wide range of skill sets in order to provide support for personal, family or work-related issues.  We provide talk therapy with adults, children, couples, and families in a safe, comfortable space for clients to explore their emotions.


Plan Options

Pay As You Go Plan:

  • 30-Minute Telehealth Check-in $60
  • 60-minute In-person or Telehealth Therapy Session $120

Annual Plans provide up to 3 sessions per year

  • Employee Plan – $22 per month
  • Family Plan – Employee plus one additional family member – $40 per month


Learn how Airmid’s Corporate Wellness Program can be customized for your company or organization.
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