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Emotional well-being in the workplace is now essential.
Reduce healthcare costs and improve participation and productivity!

Wellness Toolkit Presentation

Wellness Toolkit Presentation is a great way to introduce self-care tips and resources to your team. Lunchtime presentations typically attract the most attendance, but other times are available.

The topics and benefits include:

  • What does wellness mean? 
  • Importance of taking breaks to increase productivity, reduce stress & burnout
  • Tips and techniques to stay present at work and home
  • Mindfulness and movement activities to avoid stress and burnout
  • How to bring back focus when distracted
  • Healthy habits and simple lifestyle changes to promote well-being
  • Mental health suggestions, resources, an

Custom Wellness Classes are taught by our experienced and compassionate instructors who provide personal attention for all ages and experience levels and are a great way to incorporate healthy activity into the day.

Some option include: 

  • Yoga (seated and standing)
  • Stretching
  • Meditation
  • Dance Movement
  • QiGong
  • Art Expression
  • TRE

Customized On-Site One-Hour Workshops – Quarterly, Monthly, and Weekly Available

Custom Wellness Workshops

Custom Wellness Workshops are interactive presentations that guide employees and/or members toward their well-being goals. These on-site team-building events are a great way to support mental health and emotional well-being.

Some options include: 

  • How to Prevent Burnout
  • Simple meditations and mindfulness techniques
  • Keys to Stress Reduction
  • Creating Healthy Habits
  • Quick Desk Workouts
  • Self Check-ins & Positive Self Talk
  • How to Sit at your Desk to Avoid Back Pain
  • Easy Breathing Techniques
  • Simple Ways to Improve Your Diet to Increase Energy & Mood
Great for support and team building for Businesses, Charities, Scout troops, Non-profit organizations, and Sports teams.
Wellness Health Fairs, Business Wellness

A Health Fair will introduce your employees and members to a variety of wellness support services, knowledge, and activities to support their path to Well-Being. Held once or twice a year, a Health Fair provides a fun way to help build a culture of wellness. Participants feel they belong to an organization that truly cares about them as a whole person.

Health Fairs can be scheduled from one to several hours or more; customized to include “mini” or longer demonstrations, classes, and workshops.

    • Self-Care and mindfulness tips
    • Chair Massage and Reiki
    • Yoga and Meditation
    • Chiropractic Posture Assessments
    • Fitness techniques
    • Community health resources
    • Stress reduction activities
    • Healthy food talk / demo

Learn how Airmid’s Custom Wellness Experiences can benefit your company or organization.

For more information, contact Jen Leary at 215-293-0746 or Jenleary@airmidwellness.com.