Critical Incident Support

Support When You Need It Most

Is your organization prepared to cope with workplace violence, trauma, or other emergency response situations? Airmid is available to help your team.

Airmid’s professional therapists are available for on-site group, private in-person, or telehealth support to reduce traumatic impact, accelerate recovery, and return people to everyday functioning.

Some examples of Critical Incidents: 

  • Serious workplace injuries or accidents
  • Assaults, violent acts, or threats in the workplace
  • Death of a co-worker or family member
  • Suicide of an employee, family, or team member
  • Traumatic workplace or family event
  • Natural Disasters
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Critical incidents cause significant physical, cognitive, and emotional reactions. It is important to remember that these are normal reactions to an abnormal event.

Our dedicated team offers empathetic and solution-focused support for individuals who have experienced or witnessed distressing incidents. Using a licensed mental health professional specializing in trauma, we equip your team with coping strategies and essential insights into post-incident recovery.

Critical incident support includes confidential sessions designed to reduce the event’s impact, accelerate recovery, and return people to everyday functioning. In the long run, critical incident response interventions can prevent Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In many cases, insurance Employee Assistance Plans provide critical incident support, encompassing various group interventions after the incident.

We understand that every organization’s needs are unique. Therefore, our services are customizable to align with your specific requirements. Fill out the form below for comprehensive details and pricing information. 

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