Chair Yoga 

with Juli Eckmeier

Yoga is for everyone, even with limited mobility

Chair Yoga, Senior Yoga,Restorative, Savasana, energyAre you unable to sit on the ground or have trouble getting up? Chair yoga offers people of all ages and abilities all of the benefits of traditional yoga. This class will help to increase your strength, flexibility and energy and decrease stress. As in all classes, you are encouraged to listen to your body, move at your own pace; and only do what is comfortable to meet your own physical abilities.

We begin by tuning into our breath to calm and focus the mind. We warm up with gentle movements to loosen our shoulders, ankles, legs, feet and hands.

Then we slowly transition into a flow of seated yoga postures while synchronizing these movements to our breath.  Each class concludes with a restorative Savasana; a brief period of conscious rest to integrate the benefits of our session.

There is no need to miss out on the benefits of yoga just because you may have restrictions.  You’ll leave feeling energized, refreshed and balanced in body, mind and spirit.

Juli has intuitively involved yoga in her various jobs teaching children music and movement before completing her 200 hr. certification with an extra 50 hr. emphasis on Ayurveda. She got her 45 hr. children’s yoga certification in NYC, then trained in anatomy and myofascial release before completing a chair yoga certification and is currently working toward her 500 hr. certification.  
She strongly believes that yoga is beneficial for every age, body and mind and loves the chance to spread her enthusiasm on the subject! She is an artist, musician, nature enthusiast and “mother of chaos”, having four children and lots of animals at home!

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Tuesday 12pm and Thursday 9:30am