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Commit to a Mindful Culture at Work and Play!

Are you a business, senior living facility, differently abled day program, mental health in-patient or outpatient program, summer camp, or school looking to incorporate movement and wellness activities?

Our Custom Wellness Experiences will give your team, employees, and members the tools to handle the obstacles life thrusts their way better, support their overall well-being, and create a positive and supportive environment where members feel energized, engaged, and inspired. They are a fun and interactive way to promote physical, mental, and emotional health.

We offer a variety of movement activities and custom-designed wellness experiences. LEARN MORE

“Our participants look forward to class every week and are happier afterward! Despite any physical or mental handicaps, the instructor ensures that everyone can participate at whatever level they can, including our individuals in wheelchairs.

In addition to the physical and mental health benefits, it gives our group a sense of “normalcy” and independence to go out and attend a class in the community. We (at BARC) appreciate the kindness and patience you all give to our supported individuals.”  – BARC Developmental Services

Show Appreciation and Energize your Team with Wellness! 

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Our classes are customized for your needs!

Business Wellness Lunch & Learn Workshops

• Relaxation Techniques  • Reducing Stress  • Seated Stretching  • Yoga • Healthy Habits and simple lifestyle changes to promote well-being  • Self-Care  • How To Bring Back Focus When Distracted

Wellness Toolkit

• What Does Wellness Mean?  • Mental Health Awareness & Support Options  • Introduction to Personal Well Being  • Tips & Techniques to Stay Present at Work & Home  • How Mindfulness & Movement Can Help Prevent Stress & Burnout • LEARN MORE

“Jen is very knowledgeable! Easy to listen to and has great ideas!” -Andrew, Environmental Tectonics Corporation

Why Do We Need Business Wellness at Work?

Business Wellness

When your employees are healthier, your business is healthier!

Custom Wellness Experiences help with: 

  • 50% of Americans suffer from anxiety, stress, and insomnia
  • 90% of employees report that workplace stress impacts their mental health
  • 67% say they want access to better mental health resources from employers

Our wellness professionals and therapists will help support wellness in your business or organization. 

Responding to a Workplace Incident. When organizations must cope with workplace violence, trauma, or other emergency response situations, Airmid’s professional therapists can provide on-site group or private one-on-one support sessions.


Wellness Health Fairs, Business Wellness

A Customized Health Fair can be another fun way to introduce your team to various Wellness Services, activities, and community resources to support their path to well-being. Health Fairs can be scheduled from one to several hours or more and customized to include “mini” or more extended demonstrations (chair massage or acupuncture), classes, and workshops.


Airmid Employee Assistance Plan, Business Wellness

Airmid’s Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

An EAP provides employees with confidential access to Airmid’s local team of 17 Professional Therapists, readily available for in-person or telehealth sessions through talk therapy with adults, children, couples, and families in a safe, comfortable space for clients to explore their emotions.

Your company insurance plan may include EAP for therapy, and we probably accept your plan. If your company does not have an EAP, learn how Airmid’s affordable EAP plan can work for you!


wellness for Groups, Business Wellness

Mindfulness for Your Group?

Airmid’s support services can aid any group, club, or organization in understanding and incorporating wellness into interactions with other team members and their daily lives.

  • Sports Teams
  • Scouts
  • Clubs
  • Non Profit
  • Events
  • Differing Abilities
  • School Programs


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Is your company or organization prepared to respond to a workplace Incident?

When coping with workplace violence, trauma, or other emergency response situations, Airmid’s professional team of therapists can provide on-site group or private one-on-one support sessions. Talk with us to plan ahead now! 


Learn how Airmid’s Custom Wellness Experiences can benefit your company or organization.

For more information, contact Jen Leary at 215.293.0746 or JenLeary@Airmidwellness.com.