Baille Jones 



Licensed Professional Counselor
Specializing in Sports Psychology and
Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)

Baille received her MA in Professional Clinical Counseling from La Salle University. She also has an MS in Sports Psychology from Temple University. Her combination of knowledge and experience allows her to help individuals with trauma, anxiety, family & relationship issues, as well as more severe mental illness. She is able to work with athletes and others in areas of life transitions and identity issues, as well as motivation and organizational skills.

Sports psychology focuses on areas of performance and motivation, both for athletes and the general population.  It can be helpful in areas of time management and organization as well.  Baille also focuses on identity and life transitions, helping people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the ways they relate to the world, as well as help people navigate through various changes and stressful times in life.

Internal Family Systems is a form of therapy that views the mind from a systems perspective, working to understand the many “parts”, or sub-personalities that make up every one of us. Beneath these parts is a true self, a spiritual core, which is made up of healing qualities of curiosity, compassion and connectedness. The goal of IFS is to increase our awareness of how these parts are organized, so that the Self becomes accessible. This type of therapy can be helpful with all types of mental health issues, from adjustment difficulties to eating disorders and severe trauma.

Baille talks about her style of therapy

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