Visualize Your Future

Visualize Your Future

By Alyssa Martin, Intuitive Life Coach with a unique perspective, A Usui Reiki Master, Teen Self-Empowerment and Vocal Coach, and a Certified Louise Hay Program Facilitator.

In 1978, I saw a commercial for the Play-Doh Barber Shop set. The Play-Doh would squish through little holes in the dolls’ heads to create hair and beards of blue and red, and yellow that you could trim with scissors! I was seven years old and loved that ad. Over forty years later, I can still picture it…

Advertisers sure are smart. They know that we’ll want what we want when we see it. And when we see it, we begin to feel it. Images become a part of ourselves, and we internalize what we see into part of our experience.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso

The good news is that we can take control and intentionally use our imagination to picture ideal life scenarios. What improvements would you like to see in your finances, love life, work-life balance, home improvements, state of mind, health, and spiritual wellness?

Intentional positive imagination, referred to as VISUALIZATION, is an effective practice for making significant improvements in our lives. Visualizing your needs and wants to be actualized requires spending time inwardly with yourself. The better you know yourself, the more confident you become, and the firmer your boundaries are of what you allow into your life. This is a great thing!

Visualization is also a form of meditation and can help you feel grounded and calm. What does it mean to feel grounded? When you are grounded, you feel safe and secure in your own skin and within your life. It means you feel stabilized in the present moment so that you can handle the ups and downs of life. You know challenges are opportunities in disguise.

“A vision that we believe in completely can change any situation into an opportunity for growth.” – Alexandra Collins Dickerman

I never did get the Play-Doh Barber Shop. I actually didn’t even seriously ask my parents for it. I didn’t feel worthy, and I didn’t want my parents to waste the money on what I felt might just be a frivolous toy. Nowadays, I’ve got a few more tools up my sleeve.

First, I’m willing to admit to what I need and want. Sometimes it’s scary, but I know I have my favorite tools of visualization and positive affirmation. I take the time to imagine the best possible outcome, then I allow life to bring me that or something even better.

Will you ask for what you need? For what you want? Ask yourself, “Is there something I want that I feel I’m not getting? How would I like my life to be different?” Remember, your desires do not have to be tangible things like a new car. It could be that you desire greater inner peace or more clarity about your life path.

Have you ever created a Vision Board? Vision Boards or Dream Boards are very popular because they work. They allow you to see your dream as a reality and keep your attention focused on your goals and intentions.

Creating a vision board engages more senses than simply writing down your goals. Working with images places your future vision into your subconscious, where you naturally start making decisions that lead to action. These actions can then produce the results you desire.

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Simple Sweetness of Life

Simple Sweetness of Life

By Susan Cohen, yoga instructor, massage therapist, foot reflexologist, natural foods cooking teacher & chef

The simple sweetness of life is a natural taste to desire. However, that sweetness doesn’t need to come from our diets. When our energy lowers around 2:30-3, resist grabbing a high-calorie, low-energy snack like cookies, potato chips, or “energy” bars or drinks that boost healthy choices but instead are full of added sugars.

Instead, get a natural energy boost from blueberries, almonds, or veggies. They get us back on track and keep our brains clear.

As Deepak Chopra wisely said, “We establish the body’s essential balance and energy to strengthen the mind/body connection.”

When you give the body what it needs, you’ll be open to, create and pursue the very best in life.

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Healing the Brain

Healing the Brain

About a year ago, I suffered a traumatic brain injury. At the time, I thought life as I knew it was ending. Luckily, the only long-term effects that lingered were tinnitus in my left ear and occasional brain fog. I know so many others aren’t as lucky. 

As I recovered, I sought out exercises I could do to aid in healing my brain. Out of the dozen or so I tried, I found Kirtan Kriya to be the one I come back to when my symptoms flair or I feel tired after sitting and staring at a screen for hours. 

Kirtan Kriya, or how I think of it Sa-Ta-Na-Ma meditation, stimulates the senses and parts of the brain through a combination of chanting and finger movements. 

I know I hit 2 trigger words for people: chanting and meditation. Chanting is actually fun. It is half hum and half song. When the syllables meld together, the resulting vibrations are soothing. The simplicity of the sounds used also makes this chant easy to do. The child version of you probably did this all the time to soothe themselves. I know I remember my children doing it. Do it to nourish your inner child. 

Meditation is something that many of us do without realizing it…playing a mindless game on our phone, praying, and listening to music, to name a few. Pretty much meditation is letting the brain rest and recharge. 

So Sa -Ta – Na – Ma meditation combines the sounds Sa -Ta – Na – Ma with a tap of the first finger to the thumbs of each hand, followed by the middle, ring then pinky.

I have even done this while silent chanting. It isn’t as deep, but it gets the job done. 

I often do this when I have a migraine, which has worked about 90% of the time. I teach this in my special needs classes and children’s classes. They love it1 Not once have I gotten a crazy look. Afterward, they clamor for more. It is beautiful. 

Pack this little nugget away and give it a try—ten-year-old you will thank you for it. 

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4 yoga techniques that can settle any rowdy toddler

4 yoga techniques that can settle any rowdy toddler

Settling your toddler can be quite a challenging task, especially if they are having fun. So having some handy tools in your parenting toolbox can make the task easier. Yoga is one such tool!

To start, model the poses for your child and encourage them to mimic you. Do this when they are calm. After they are used to doing it, try it at bedtime. Make it a ritual! Then when it comes to times when they are really out of control, they will be more willing to do it.  

Counting the Breath

Long deep breaths calm the central nervous system, so learning to breathe is a technique that will benefit your toddler for the rest of their lives. Start with a count of three. Hold up three fingers and encourage them to breathe in as you slowly lower your fingers. Then do the same for the exhale. Try one round to start. If they are having fun, try it again. Take your time, stay calm and keep up the praise, and over time your toddler will be on the road to a healthy lifelong skill. 

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is a great resting pose and can be done anytime. With their knees underneath them, have them rest their forehead on the ground. The arms can reach out above their head or rest by their sides. Encourage them to count with you to five or ten. 

Happy Baby

Have your child lie on their back, bend their knees, and grab their feet. They can even rock from side to side. Again, encourage them to count with you to five or ten.

Humming Vowels

Have your child place their hand lightly on their throat (or yours to start), then say the long A sound. Try to stretch it out for as long as possible. Go through as many vowels as you need to calm them down. To have extra fun with it, try feeling the vibrations differently. Cover the mouth, cup the ears, close the eyes, and pinch the nose.