Alcohol and Drug Intervention

An intervention can motivate someone to seek help for alcohol or drug misuse.


Who needs an Alcohol and Drug Intervention?

If a loved one or business partner is in active addiction, they may not be willing yet to seek treatment. An adequately staged intervention by a trained professional has a 90% chance of successfully helping the individual accept in-patient addiction treatment.

What is the Intervention Process?

The Alcohol or Drug intervention Package includes:

  • Individual sessions for each participant 
  • Three group preparatory sessions
  • Intervention day – you will have Meg’s full attention and as much time as it takes until she accompanies the individual to the treatment center that day for a warm hand-off
  • Two follow-up sessions for the group to plan for when the client re-enters the family or workforce

Fee: $7,000











Meg Clawson, Children's Therapy, Kid's Therapy

Meg Clawson, LPC

Meg Clawson is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Pennsylvania with 6 years of experience. She offers supervision for those seeking Certified Intervention Professional Certification (CIP) and has accrued thousands of hours of clinical family therapy work, using her knowledge in trauma, neuroscience, relationships, and addiction to craft highly effective interventions. Most intervention professionals have a passion for recovery, yet they lack clinical family therapy training. Meg adds the balance of being in long-term recovery herself with the clinical expertise of a licensed professional counselor to this important service.