Pam Milask, Licensed Oriental Medicine Acupuncture – L. OM, Dipl. Ac.


Phone Number – (215) 920-4325

Licensed Oriental Medicine Acupuncture – L. OM, Dipl. Ac.

Pam is a licensed practitioner of Oriental Medicine, both acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Eastern School of Acupuncture & Traditional Medicine in Montclair, New Jersey. Her technique has been strongly influenced by 11 years of study with Master Kiiko Matsumoto, a world renowned Japanese style teacher/practitioner. She also incorporates TCM and Five Element strategies into her practice.

Pam studied Macrobiotics at the Kushi Institute in Brookline, Massachusetts and then developed her experience into a program of Chinese Dietary Therapy. She then made a natural evolution from food and healing adding herbal medicine in 1991 when she began a two year course in Chinese Herbal Pharmacology with Ted Kaptchuk, author of one of the best foundational texts on acupuncture used in American acupuncture schools: The Web That Has No Weaver. Pam continues her herbal studies with leading herbal educators, Andrew Gaeddert, Zhengang Guo, John Chen, and Anastasia White.

Pam integrates food, herbs, and meditation into her practice and believes strongly that addressing mind, body and spirit are all part of one’s journey of healing. In addition to acupuncture, Dietary therapy & Chinese herbal medicine, Reiki and Colorpuncture are now available at her office. She teaches Eastern nutrition at the Won Institute for Graduate Studies’ acupuncture program.