Our story…

Airmid is the Celtic Goddess of the Healing Arts

She had great magical powers and was said to be one of the wisest Goddesses

     Airmid Wellness was founded six years ago by therapists who believe; like the Celtic Goddess Airmid, that a person’s mental health is maintained and improved, not just through conventional methods or talk therapy, but also through healing the body and spirit.
     That’s why we have carefully chosen an amazing and supportive team of therapists, yoga instructors and wellness practitioners who are available to help you on your path to wellness.
     As a wholistic healing center we offer small and intimate yoga and other wellness classes with experienced and compassionate instructors who provide personal attention for all ages and experience levels.
     Please explore our website to learn more about our approach to wellness and our many services and classes; including our monthly Community Wellness Experience and Affordable Acupuncture Clinic.

Marianne Salkind, MS, LPC
Dottie Kelly-Arabia, LPC, RN
Ed Salkind, Wellness Director

Please reach out with any questions. Counseling: 215-293-0744 Yoga and other Classes and Wellness Services: 609-220-9982

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