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Burying The Dutch Oven

by | May 3, 202

I once heard the phrase “burying the Dutch Oven” in a writing group i was part of years ago. The writer used this metaphor to describe getting rid of something that once represented positive emotions and memories in her life that now only held sadness.

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Art for Healing

   COVID-19 has dramatically changed all of our lives. It has limited our ability to join classes, listen to live music concerts and attend exhibits at the Art Museums. Many people have already established their routine art groups, scrap-booking groups and ceramic studios that they attend for their artistic release or the mental/emotional escape from the realities of life.

Being home and unable to access your groups, to be involved in life where most of your inspiration comes from, may have left you

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Writing From Place

Hello and good morning to all of my fellow isolators! As I leisurely move about my house since the isolation, no longer rushing through tasks before running out of the door to work, I noticed that one of my rooms has begun to take on a life of its own.  There are items that appear to have taken up residence on the dresser, the shelves and within the containers hiding under the bed. I suppose I that I have seen them before. In fact, I am probably the one that stuck them there while rushing to Read more…

Grandpa Tom talks to kids about Coronavirus

In this video Grandpa Tom uses the Parts Work model, based on IFS, to talk with children about how we can best cope with this difficult time of dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

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