Techniques that can Settle any rowdy Toddler

Settling your toddler is challenging. Here are some handy techniques to add to your parenting toolbox that can settle any rowdy toddler.

. Yoga is one such tool!

To start, model the poses for your child and encourage them to mimic you. Do this when they are calm. After they are used to doing it, try it at bedtime. Make it a ritual! Then when it comes to times when they are really out of control, they will be more willing to do it.  

Counting the Breath

Long deep breaths calm the central nervous system, so learning to breathe is a technique that will benefit your toddler for the rest of their lives. Start with a count of three. Hold up three fingers and encourage them to breathe in as you slowly lower your fingers. Then do the same for the exhale. Try one round to start. If they are having fun, try it again. Take your time, stay calm and keep up the praise, and over time your toddler will be on the road to a healthy lifelong skill. 

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is a great resting pose and can be done anytime. With their knees underneath them, have them rest their forehead on the ground. The arms can reach out above their head or rest by their sides. Encourage them to count with you to five or ten. 

Happy Baby

Have your child lie on their back, bend their knees, and grab their feet. They can even rock from side to side. Again, encourage them to count with you to five or ten.

Humming Vowels

Have your child place their hand lightly on their throat (or yours to start), then say the long A sound. Try to stretch it out for as long as possible. Go through as many vowels as you need to calm them down. To have extra fun with it, try feeling the vibrations differently. Cover the mouth, cup the ears, close the eyes, and pinch the nose.