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Airmid is a holistic health and wellness center providing programs and classes and talk therapy for individuals, businesses, and organizations, available in-person, on-site and online.



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Treat that special person in your life to any of our Classes or Wellness services, including Massage, Acupuncture, Reiki, or Yoga and Stress Reduction classes.​

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Telehealth and In-Person Talk therapy for all ages

Counseling Services
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Our therapeutic counseling practice comprises a group of highly experienced licensed counselors and Graduate Level Clinicians that want to lead you on the road to wellness, both in the body and mind. We integrate Eastern and Western philosophies, as well as a range of traditional counseling and wellness therapies unique to each individual.
Through movement and sensory experiences, Our SMART Moves Program provides the opportunity for children to practice making better choices and learn ways to self-regulate and to co-regulate with a parent or caregiver.

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What They’re Saying about Airmid

Airmid Wellness offers a variety of different classes, all that are great for your mind, body, and soul! Definitely would recommend, it’s a wonderful environment to be in.

Airmid has done so many wonderful things for me.….Awesome quality therapy, as usual. THANK YOU for helping me keep my sanity these last months…for your outstanding online programs.

If you want to find all levels of yoga to try starting chair, gentle, slow flow or advanced, Airmid has amazing instructors. Virtual or in class now available.

There are many ways to do your work, but holistic/Eastern practices & psychotherapies tend to be my best path & a hybrid of the two is exactly what Airmid offers.

This is an absolutely awesome place to take yoga classes. I am 75, never took yoga classes before, but did NOT feel ill at ease or uncomfortable at all …This was one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my well-being.

Has made me more flexible & mentally grounded as this is my 2 year anniversary with them! Thank you to all 🙏. The chair yoga has been a God-Send.

I’m so grateful I found AIRMID. You changed my life!

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