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Online classes and workshops are open to all ages and abilities and are accessible from anywhere in the U.S. Check our schedule for in-studio classes. 
Counseling Services

Telehealth and In-Person Talk therapy for all ages

Our therapeutic counseling practice is comprised of a group of highly experienced licensed counselors and Graduate Level Clinicians. We integrate Eastern and Western philosophies, as well as a range of traditional counseling and wellness therapies unique to each individual.

What They’re Saying about Airmid

Airmid Wellness offers a variety of different classes, all that are great for your mind body and soul! Definitely would recommend, it’s a wonderful environment to be in.

Airmid has done so many wonderful things for me.….Awesome quality therapy as usual. THANK YOU for helping me keep my sanity these last months…for your outstanding online programs.

If you want to find all levels of yoga to try starting chair, gentle, slow flow or advanced, Airmid has amazing instructors. Virtual or some in class now available.

There are many ways to do your work, but holistic/Eastern practices & psychotherapies tend to be my best path, & a hybrid of the two is exactly what Airmid offers.

This is an absolutely awesome place to take yoga classes. I am 75, never took yoga classes before, but did NOT feel ill at ease or uncomfortable at all …This was one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my well-being.

Has made me more flexible & mentally grounded as this is my 2 year anniversary with them! Thank you to all 🙏. The chair yoga has been a God-Send.

I’m so grateful I found AIRMID you changed my life.

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Therapeutic Assisted Stretching

With Gloria Thul, CSC, CST, LPTATherapeutic Assisted Stretching, Therapy, Stretching, Flecibility, Gloria ThuleRestore Mobility and Flexibility,
Decrease Pain and Postural Stressor
Therapeutic Stretching enhances everyday daily activities by decreasing pain and joint stiffness, reducing stress from injury and improving circulation, flexibility, joint range of motion and energy levels while freeing up tight muscles and spasms so you can have deeper massages and increased flexibility and mobility for yoga and working out.

Love Yourself Workshop Series
With Alyssa Martin

Level 1 – Love Yourself and Transform Your Life
Louise Hay, Heal Your Life, #inner Child #Alyssa Martin, #Healing

This powerful six session workshop will guide you and prepare you with what you need to heal the past, understand your feelings, and move on in an empowered way towards your dreams. To learn more please click the link below.

Levels 1 & 2 Learn More!

Self-Massage Online Workshop
with Juli Eckmeier

For Release and Renewal
Saturday June 19th
10:15 to 11:30

Self Massage, Reduce Stress

Learn simple, very effective techniques to address the tightness in our common stress areas as we release the stagnation of winter from our bodies. This practice is safe and beneficial for everyone, and targets typical stress areas in the body like the neck/shoulders and the lower back and hips to decrease pain and increase mobility and range of motion.

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