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Online classes and workshops are open to all ages and abilities and are accessible from anywhere in the U.S. Check our schedule for in-studio classes. 
Counseling Services

Telehealth and In-Person Talk therapy for all ages

Our therapeutic counseling practice is comprised of a group of highly experienced licensed counselors and Graduate Level Clinicians. We integrate Eastern and Western philosophies, as well as a range of traditional counseling and wellness therapies unique to each individual.

Counseling Services – Learn More

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Embrace A Healthier You Through A Variety Of Workshops…Learn More

Embrace A Healthier You Through A Variety Of Workshops…Learn More

#airmid Wellness #Workshops

Wake-Up AM Yoga Classes daily.

Saturday Classes are Free online and in-studio thru January 2022!

And Check Out Free First Friday Online Guided Meditation

Tai Chi
Everyone is invited to attend free classes. Join our community. All ages…Beginners and all levels are welcome. No experience needed. Enjoy fun classes with our experienced and compassionate instructors. Pre-Registration is required to receive your zoom link for online classes OR to reserve one of six spots for In-Studio on Saturdays.
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Slow Flow Yoga
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